It looks like the drama between Mads Lewis and Nessa Barrett is not ending soon. 

The drama started when Lewis’ ex, Jaden Hossler, started dating Barrett after collaborating on ‘La Di Die.’

Lewis claimed that the ‘I hope ur miserable until ur dead’ singer came in between their relationship and caused her to break up with Hossler. 

After that, there was a lot of back and forth between the two. 

The Famous, Like Me reality star accused Barrett of betraying her, who claimed the former was lying. 

Lauren Grace Exposed Mads Lewis Amidst Drama

But there have been some new developments in the drama. 

Social media influencer Lauren Grace recently took to TikTok and exposed Lewis. 

tiktokinsiders post on Lauran Grace and Mads Lewis drama

tiktokinsiders post on Lauren Grace and Mads Lewis drama (Source: tiktokinsiders/Instagram)

Her original video was captured and reshared by tiktokinsiders. 

Grace revealed she had met Lewis in real life and the reality star was not as chill as she expected. 

She shared that Lewis was driving while she was in the back seat, trying to hold her laughter because Lewis would not stop ranting about Barrett. 

The influencer added that Lewis was “pissed” and driving really fast. 

Mads Lewis Responded to Lauren Grace’s Claims

In the same post, Lewis, who was not having any of it, responded to the influencer’s claims. 

“Lmao. I don’t understand the urge people get to randomly just start [expletive]. I’ve met you once,” said Lewis. 

She iterated that Grace’s claims were irrelevant, but still explained herself. 


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It appears the night they were in Lewis’ car was the same day she had met Grace, who was intoxicated. 

She added that she “didn’t doubt she wasn’t talking about [Hossler and Barrett]” because, at the time, it had just been two weeks since she and Hossler had broken up.

The reality star also shaded Grace, saying she had forgotten who she was. 

She then concluded the post by saying, “also if you want next time you post the photo with me… you asked to take tag me.” 

Lauren Grace Shaded Mads Lewis 

Grace didn’t back down and revealed more details about the night they met in response to Lewis’ comments. 

The social media influencer who was shaded by Lewis reciprocated. 

She commented that she would not want people to know her if they only knew her for beefing with her ex’s girlfriend, insinuating that Lewis was only famous because of her beef with Barrett. 

In another comment, Grace wrote that Lewis had requested angry songs to speed and criticize Barrett.

And had it not been for “her boy” who caught the wheel on time, they would have crashed. 

But Lewis clarified that this had happened a long time ago and if she wanted clout that badly, she would have posted Grace on her story. 

After the back and forth, Grace, who goes by @lo_ograce on Instagram, made her account private. 

And because of this, some of Lewis’ fans accused Grace of lying and being a coward. 

They also agreed with Lewis and said she was only trying to chase clout by bringing up the drama. 

Meanwhile, Tiktokinsiders posted a screenshot of Barrett following Grace. 

It looks like the duo has banded together amidst the drama, although no one knows for sure.