Lauren Burnham and her husband Arie Luyendyk Jr. welcomed twins, a son Lux Jacob and a daughter Senna James, on June 11, 2021. The newborns joined their older sister, Alessi, in the Luyendyk family. 

With three kids, here's how Burnham is balancing her new motherhood. 

Her Parenting Plan With Husband Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Burnham's road to new motherhood wasn't easy, given that she bore twins, and the kids needed to be admitted to NICU right after a C-section delivery.

While their son only spent a few hours in the care unit, their daughter was kept at the hospital for days because of respiratory issues.

Thankfully, she recovered enough to join her family at home. 


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Burnham is trying to normalize hectic schedules and sleepless nights, with her plan to cope with the double trouble.

Months before giving birth to her twins, she had expected sleepless nights and shared her plan with US Weekly in May 2021.

The Virginia native had imagined her kids would wake up together and want to eat simultaneously.

To deal with the situation, she had planned to wake one earlier, feed him and hand him over to her husband, who would get the baby back to sleep. Then she would wake her other baby and start the feed. 

It's not sure if The Bachelor pair put the plan to action, but they are indeed parenting their kids with all their love. 

On an Instagram post dated July 12, 2021, Lauren admitted how parenting a twin was a whole new challenge.

But she also added that she was cherishing every minute with her children. The post was a mark for her kids' first monthly birthday.

A lactation advocate, the 29-year-old is breastfeeding her twins, as depicted on her husband's Instagram story. 

Big Sister Is On the Rescue

Burnham's first child Alessi just turned two on May 29, 2021, but the little girl is helping her parents in her cute ways.

She is making things easier by being a responsible elder sister and loving her siblings.

The main part is she is already open to sharing her parents with them, which could be problematic in many other families. 


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As chronicled in Burnham and Luyendyk's Instagram, Alessi also fulfills her duty of rocking her baby brother and sister on the basinet and feeding them. 

The former reality star took to Instagram to sing praises of her eldest daughter on June 25, 2021.

Posting an adorable picture of her in a pink tulle dress, Burnham wrote, "I’m so proud of her learning to adapt to her new role as big sister."

Just days before the post, her husband Luyendyk had also shared how Alessi loved the twins, revealing she wanted to hold them every minute.

The joyous moments came into the Luyendyk family after Burnham went through a tragic miscarriage in May 2020.

The pair was on cloud nine as they bought a new, spacious home to welcome their new addition.

But, sadly, Burnham suffered a miscarriage. She found out about the tragedy on her third appointment. 

Seven months later, cheerful news blessed their marriage as she got pregnant with twins.