Happy birthday Niki and Gabi DeMartino! 

YouTuber twins Niki and Gabi recently celebrated their 26th birthday, and from what their socials say, it was a blast. 

The viral divas took to their respective Instagram handles on May 4, 2021, to share birthday wishes from friends and loved ones, followed by short glimpses of their fun celebrations. 

Their celebrations were hosted somewhere along the coastline, as evident from the ocean view Niki flaunted in one of her stories. The property hosting the party was a spacious loft with an inground pool and hot tub on the roof. 

The celebration in itself was more like a few friends meeting up instead of an all-out party, which happens to be the safest way to party as things are now.

Gabi DeMartino and Collin Vogt cozy up on her 26th birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Almost as if the two sisters decided on the coverage beforehand, Niki only gave viewers a glimpse of the venue during the day. In contrast, Gabi covered the bulk of the actual party. 

As for the actual party, the twins were accompanied by a few of their friends for shots later in the day. And, of course, the heart of the festivity was at the pool on the roof. 

Niki and Gabi's 26th birthday party (Source: Instagram)

For the special occasion, Niki donned a gorgeous off-shoulder one-piece swimsuit in black. The influencer also shared a few snaps of her donning the sensual outfit in an Instagram post later. 

Gabi, on the other hand, went with a chic crop top and a pink checked skirt to match. Her outfit paired with a glittering tiara completed her princess look. Much like her sister, Gabi also decided to flaunt a few poses on Instagram with the captions, "gonna be 26, that's hot." 

Gabi was also accompanied by her fiancé Collin Vogt, who was seen spending some quality time with his girl on her special day. 


A post shared by Collin Vogt (@collinvogt)

As is mandatory for the boyfriend, Vogt put up two beautiful posts to wish Gabi a happy birthday. The more recent of which featured him landing a loving kiss on his princess' cheeks as she smiled gently in his embrace.

The dreamy couple has been together for over six years now and has been engaged since late last Thanksgiving. The groom-to-be shared the happy news with the fans on New Year's Day. 

The announcement was followed by him expressing his absolute joy to be starting the year with the woman of his dreams. 

I’m so happy to start this new year off perfectly with the girl of my dreams! I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with her and I’m so excited for our journey! Till death do us part.

These words were accompanied by a couple of snaps that were just as heart-melting. The first snap featured the newly engaged couple gazing into each other's eyes as he placed a kiss on her hands.

The snap that followed framed Vogt on his knees, possibly popping the big question to which she evidently said, "Yes!"