The drama has been endless ever since Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker confirmed they were dating.

D’Amelio’s ex, Chase Hudson, released a song titled ‘All the Things I Hate About You’ and alluded she and her new boyfriend blindsided him. He even called the second most famous TikToker a “homie hopper,” which everyone seems to be talking about these days. 

D’Amelio has laid low and refused to add fuel to the drama, but the same cannot be said about her new boyfriend, who dissed both Hudson and his mother. 

And in the latest episode of the BFFs podcast, released on August 3, 2022, new details have come to light. 

During the podcast, the hosts revealed they had invited him on the podcast to explain everything that was happening behind the scenes. 

But he rejected the offer, saying that he did not approve of host Dave Portnoy “talking [expletive] about him.”

Landon Barker Says He Did Not Steal Charli D’Amelio from Chase Hudson

Barker also mentioned that there was so much that people did not know about, but he just wanted to keep his personal life private. However, he claimed he did not steal his friend’s girlfriend.

“I feel you, but to clear up the confusion. I did not steal her from him. They broke up six months ago, and I and Huddy were friends but never best friends. There’s so much I could touch on, but I just want to keep my personal life outta this,” wrote Barker in the DMs. 

BFFs host revealed Landon Barker's DMs in which he said he did not steal Charli D'Amelio

BFFs host revealed Landon Barker's DMs in which he said he did not steal Charli D'Amelio. (Source: YouTube)

The hosts opined that despite him saying he wanted to keep his life private, his lengthy response showed he was interested in sharing his side of the story.

They even invited him to show with host Briana LaPaglia, saying she was a “Landon stance.”

Meanwhile, Portnoy explained he was not trying to diss Barker and was just an impartial referee in this matter. 

He said he did not know who Barker was until recently, and in every BFFs episode when they discussed the news, he only had two minutes to read through the topics before they went live.

And he was not privy to extra information, and because of that, he just said what he felt, but that did not mean it was true. 

Charli D’Amelio Says Dixie D’Amelio Introduced Her to Landon Barker

It is unconfirmed if what Barker said about Hudson and D’Amelio’s breakup is true, but in a new Entertainment Tonight TikTok clip, D’Amelio shared a little about her relationship. 

When asked how D’Amelio’s relationship with Barker came about, she said she was introduced to Barker by her older sister, Dixie D’Amelio.

“Just through my sister. Dixie’s always making sure I am in the loop on everything and it just kinda happened out of nowhere,” said D’Amelio. 

She added she was in a new chapter of her life, focusing on work, friends, family, and just having fun. 

However, netizens in the comment section opined she was probably lying. They noted she met him through Hudson, but it would not be a good look for her if she used her ex’s name, so she used her sister as her cover.