Rapper Kodak Black, real name Bill Kahan Kapri, is taking back his claim of being with boxer Gervonta Davis on a private plane that crashed at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport on August 21, 2021.

On Saturday, Davis and his seven-member team, along with two dogs, got on a private airplane. But a nose gear collapse during takeoff forced the plane to crash-land back on the ground.

Thankfully, the plane hadn't gone too high. As a result, no one sustained severe injuries, with one passenger getting treatment on-site for an injury. Davis immediately shared the harrowing experience with his followers through Instagram Live.

Confessing he was sweating and shaking, the professional boxer said, "for everybody that wants to fly private, I think it's over with...I'm driving or catching a train."

Just moments after, he also shared a gallery of pictures with his fellow passengers. 

Hours after Davis disclosed the unfortunate incident, his rival, Jake Paul, surprised everyone by stating he was glad for Davis' safety.

Then another shock followed as Black took to Twitter to claim he was also on the crashed plane. He stated he was not okay and wrote that his neck and back were hurting.

Though his tweet seemed dubious — since Davis hadn't mentioned him and he wasn't in his pictures — many followers took his statement seriously. Most of them showed their concern and wished the talented rapper a speedy recovery. 

One particular fan even thanked God for keeping Black alive.

A Moment of Truth

As fans poured their concern and support into the post, Black posted a Tweet on August 22, 2021, revealing he was only joking about being part of the plane crash 

The 24-year-old also added an emotionless emoji after citing that no one got his joke. 

In the light of his shocking confession, Twitter users expressed mixed emotions. Some claimed to understand the joke, while others got angry and suggested that the rapper never make such quips. 


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One social media user added to the humor and stated, "So without you saying it, you saying you need a full body rub & someone to tend to you for a while?"

Another empathized with Black, writing, "People really ain’t caught on to the joke."

Even the famous musical artist and lawyer E5quire joined in the joke and commented, "Call me let me represent you in the case against the jet company’s insurance!"

However, a specific Twitter user didn't find the joke funny. Likewise, another follower expressed his discontent, writing, "be careful what you say it may come true."

Though Black made fun of being on the crash, he wasn't kidding when he spoke up about the Tallahassee shooting in April 2021.

The Florida native was reportedly the target of the perpetrators that ended up injuring his security guard's leg. Black clarified to everyone that the gunfire was unrelated to rap beef.