Kim Seon Ho, who previously admitted to the allegations of forced abortion and gaslighting, might have done so out of consideration for his former girlfriend. 

According to reports by Korea Dispatch, Seon Ho’s recent scandal might have been a big misunderstanding. However, a deep dive into the case revealed that the anonymous netizen who exposed him was not telling the truth.  

The alleged ex-girlfriend has been identified as former weather forecaster turned influencer Choi Young Ah. Dispatch has revealed the entire dating history between Seon Ho and Young Ah. 

Kim Seon Ho’s Relationship Timeline with Choi Young Ah

The former couple had met for the first time at a friend’s gathering during the end of 2019, and by early March 2020, they started dating. 

However, in mid-March, Young Ah confessed to the actor that she was a divorcee, surprising Seon Ho. The Start-Up actor consulted a friend and decided that he still wanted to date her, and the two were seen on dates in different places around Seoul.

But by early July, the two broke up for the first time, after Young Ah had allegedly repeatedly lied to Seon Ho. In a text message uncovered by Dispatch, Seon Ho complained to a friend about how Young Ah lied to him about many things. 

The couple’s mutual friend convinced Seon Ho that Young Ah was sincerely guilty and that he should accept her apology, which he did, and they were together again. Unfortunately, they hit another snag. They discovered Young Ah was pregnant.

In her online exposé, Young Ah claimed that Seon Ho had been hostile about the situation, but in reality, it was the opposite. According to Seon Ho’s friend, the actor had been pleased about the news and was heartbroken when he realized he and his girlfriend could not keep the baby. 

After the abortion, he fed Young Ah seaweed soup, which is highly recommended for pregnant women, for two weeks. 

More Lies about Kim Seon Ho Revealed

In her exposé, Young Ah had also lied about Seon Ho trying to keep her identity a secret. 

According to Young Ah’s friend, Seon Ho had even introduced her to his parents. Seon Ho even adopted a Shiba Inu so she wouldn’t be lonely.

As for the “money hungry” statement made by Young Ah, her friend revealed it was the opposite. Young Ah was obsessed with luxury goods, most of which were paid by the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor. The friend even revealed that they had never seen Young Ah pay for anything. 

Even though they were Young Ah’s friends, they sided with Seon Ho and revealed that Young Ah grew possessive and would check his message all the time as he started becoming popular. And by May 2021, they had broken up. 

Young Ah’s friends opined that the whole exposé was a ploy to get Seon Ho to go bankrupt so that he would come back to her. They claimed that Seon Ho admitted to the allegations because he had loved her and did not want to fight with her while the entire nation and world watched.