It looks like reporter YouTuber Lee Jin Ho was right in guessing Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor Kim Seon Ho as the recent scandalous Actor K. 

The last time we reported, Seon Ho and his agency were in hot water after an anonymous netizen accused Actor K of forced abortion and gaslighting. In her online post, the ex girlfriend of the actor claimed that she had been tricked by Seon Ho throughout their relationship under the fall pretense of marriage. 

She also revealed that Seon Ho criticized everyone he met and called him selfish. After the Korean media outlet and reporter Jin Ho named him Actor K, he canceled his interviews, and brands took down his commercials. 

Seon Ho had remained quiet throughout the mess, but on October 20, he finally spoke up.

Kim Seon Ho Releases a Statement

Unfortunately for fans vouching for his innocence, Seon Ho released a statement and admitted to the accusations. 

The actor released an apology for forced abortions and gaslighting scandal. In his statement, he apologized for his actions and for disappointing his fans. He also explained that he had been with his ex-girlfriend with sincere intentions and feelings. 

However, he confessed that he had ended up hurting her with his “carelessness and inconsiderate behavior.” He explained that he had wanted to apologize to her in person but had not been able to do so and was waiting for the right time. 

The actor also apologized to his colleagues and co-stars, who were affected by his shortcomings. Similarly, his agency, SALT Entertainment, also released a statement regarding the scandal. They apologized to everyone who was hurt by the scandal. 

The agency also cleared up any confusion regarding Seon Ho’s contract status. Earlier it was reported that Seon Ho’s contract with his agency was meant to expire in September, but because of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, it was extended for a while. 

SALT Entertainment confirmed that it was untrue, and that they were in the middle of “organizing [their] position” and would have an update soon.

Kim Seon Ho Likely to Be Removed from His Upcoming Projects

Now that Seon Ho has spoken up, it looks like his upcoming projects will also be jeopardized. 

The actor was supposed to star in three movies that would begin filming at the end of the year, but now his future is uncertain because of the scandal. According to an exclusive report by Star News, his first movie Tristes Tropiques was scheduled to film in November.

His second and third movies, Dog Days and 2pm Date, were scheduled for filming in December and March, respectively. 

Star News shared that Seon Ho had not yet signed a formal contract due to last-minute issues such as the appearance fee. However, since Tristes Tropiques will film next month, the production team now has to look for a replacement or choose to film with Seon Ho, which is both a difficult decision.