Kelly Osbourne has lived her life in the public eye for as long as fans can remember. Daughter of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife and manager Sharon Osbourne, Kelly starred in her family’s famous reality TV series, The Osbournes, in the early 2000s. 

During her time on the show, she was heavily scrutinized for her gothic looks and heavy-set build. The fame and criticism took a toll on her, and at age 16, she was already battling with substance and alcohol abuse, which was chronicled on the show. 

But she finally had enough and began her journey of healing and transformation. She’s discarded her old rocker persona, and these days she looks almost unrecognizable. 

Tabloids reported on her transformation with then and now weight loss photos, which resulted in rumors of plastic surgery. 

During her appearance on the Hollywood Raw podcast with host Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, Osbourne spoke candidly about her weight loss surgery and addressed plastic surgery rumors. 

Kelly Osbourne Talks About Transformation Journey

Osbourne and the hosts started the podcast by talking about her home. The hosts then veered the topic towards her transformation by complimenting her on how great she looked and then asked her how she lost all the weight and whether she did it for herself or to prove others wrong. 

Osbourne shared that she had started a podcast with one of her best friends, who was with her on her journey of healing and transformation to detail everything she did. She then explained that one of the things that she did was receive injections in her jaw. 

The ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ singer revealed that she suffered from a temporomandibular joint disorder that caused pain in her jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. And the solution was an injection that made her jaws visibly smaller.

The change caused people to notice her weight loss. Osbourne joked she wished she had known about this earlier because she would have gotten it sooner. 

Osbourne then put out a disclaimer that before anyone went on a journey like hers, they had to have a healthy mindset. She stated that she achieved that by quitting alcohol and going to therapy. She also revealed that she meditated for 10 minutes in the morning and night. 

Kelly Osbourne Seeking Revenge

When asked what the most enjoyable part of her weight loss journey was, Osbourne, iterated that she didn’t know the answer.

The singer, however, explained that she started the journey for herself two years ago, and one morning she woke up and realized she was making headlines. 

The hosts then asked her about the gastric sleeve surgery she had gotten two years ago. Osbourne iterated that it was one of the best decisions and emphasized that the surgery required a complete lifestyle change.

Now that she was feeling and looking healthier, Osbourne said she would not spare the people who criticized her when she was not at her best. She shared that when she “was fat,” no one wanted to work with her and made her feel invisible. 

Instead, Osbourne said, she would work with the people who appreciated her at every size.