Plastic surgery rumors relating to seemingly ageless actress Katey Sagal are hot at the minute. As per online rumors, the 67-year-old actress has a history of altering her body parts to maintain youthful looks. 

While news like this is presently limited to being rumors only, the actress is long-known to take care of her body and diet, which can put some light into the ongoing discussion of her fit body and looks. 

In 2014, The Sons of Anarchy actress spoke of the daily habits that have aided her in maintaining a graceful personality while she's into the seventh decade of her life. 


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Talking to ABC News, the actress explained her fitness regimen and said that she is someone who takes "really good care of myself."

Based on her then interview, Sagal does not partake in addictive habits such as smoking and drinking and maintains a good sleeping routine. However, she has had a drinking and drug-related history, something she reportedly quit over thirty years ago. 

During the chat, Sagal emphasized her attitude toward body and fitness to be game-changing for her, calling it an "inside job." She is also known to be a fitness freak and has a fitness regimen.

In her exclusive interview with Us magazine in 2017, Sagal revealed her favorite workout to be a barre called Physique 57, an exercise to increase and improve body strength, body flexibility, posture, and fitness of lower body parts. 

What Do Katey Sagal's Plastic Surgery Rumors Suggest?

The Married... with Children actress, also affectionately known as Peggy Bundy, thanks to the enormous success of the 1987 sitcom, is rumored to have undergone multiple surgeries to enhance her body parts and give her young looks. 

Per, Sagal has had three major plastic surgeries on her body, including taking botox injections. 

Firstly, Sagal is alleged to have altered the size of her breasts through plastic surgery as many seem to notice the difference in the looks of her bosom.


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As per claims, her breasts now appear to be significantly bigger. 

Secondly, the Futurama actress is known to have taken the help of plastic surgery to make facial corrections as Sagal's face does not have any noticeable aging signs despite nearing 70-years-of age.

She is rumored to have undergone facelift surgery, and as a result, the actress seems to have a glow on her face. While this might all be down to her diet routines and regular workouts, many seem to suggest otherwise.

Lastly, Sagal is also under the allegation of using botox injections to fix her forehead, jawline, and checks. Several before and after pictures of Sagal are put together to compare her current appearance to how she used to look a few years ago.   

Katey Sagal's History of Substance Addiction

Talking to Good Morning America in 2017, actress Sagal opened up about her history of drug use and alcohol addiction. She confessed to the show's host about her addictive past and said that it all started during her teenage years in the form of diet pills.

Sagal talked about her compulsive personality, which "goes a long way with substances," and spoke with subtleness about how everything escalated from her use of the pills.

In her confession, the actress said,

It started that way [with the piils] and [it] then escalated from there.

Sagal was on the show to promote her memoir titled Grace Notes: My Recollections. In the nonfiction book, she blamed growing up in Los Angeles as a cause of her exposure to drugs during her teenage years.