In 2016, actress Kaitlin Olson was present in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's panel in Los Angeles's Paley Center. 

Other cast members of the FXX show were also present during the event.

During the interaction, the actors were asked if they keep up with their fans on social media. The answer was a mixed bag. 

Co-executive and actor Glenn Howerton admitted to keeping up with fan reasons on Twitter after the airing of every episode. He said,

I'm not one of those people who's like, 'I never read your reviews.' I read 'em all. Even the bad ones, I love it.

 While co-star Charlie Day refrained from using social media and admitted himself as being "fragile."

Olson revealed that she "don't really get any negative response on Twitter," and stated her absence from IMDb.

Also, with her answer, Kaitlin touched upon a message board that previously surfaced on IMDb, which contained a "thread of whether I did or did not have a boob job."

The said thread, which was titled "Implants?" has since become unavailable on the platform.

Per a report by Bustle, Kaitlin "laughed" and promptly "brushed" the idea of her getting plastic surgery on her chest.

The actress, however, gave a decent answer in her defense and cited her motherhood as a possible reason for her breasts to appear relatively bigger.

I had two babies! Over the span of like three years! It's like, 'Oh she got a boob job!' 'No she got 'em reduced!' 'No, she got a boob job again!' I'm like, I've had two children!  

But the actress immediately after yelled, "I had a boob job! Yeah!." Her answer was followed by immediate laughter and rousing applause from the audience.

Kaitlin Olson's Was Targeted with Plastic Surgery Claims

Around three years ago, the actress's facial attributes were the subject of discussion among online users.

Things got turned on when a Reddit user speculated whether Olson did "something to her face?"

The user further remarked on Olson and said she looked like "a patient of" the surgeon who has performed plastic surgery on other celebrities.

A flurry of replies followed that. "100% agree. Her eyebrows do not move when she talks. At all. Her emotions are indiscernible when looking at her face," commented one user.

While another user wrote, "She looks terrifying? Her lips and eyes make her look monstrous, her face doesn't move and her lips are too big for her face."

"Just look at her lips and her eyebrows. She has been stretched tighter than an unemployment check. The part between her nose and lips is plastic," remarked another one.

Kaitlin Olson Underwent Surgery on Her Face, But There's a Catch

While Olson preferring plastic surgery to possibly de-age herself was hot on the heels, the actress presented some light on the subject during her chat with Glamour.

During the sitting, Olson was asked about the serious bike accident that resulted in her getting a fractured skull.

Olson called her accident to be "doozy," and provided an honest assessment of the topic, as she said,

I also smashed my face and had to have surgery. It was bad, it was really, really bad. No 12 or 13-year-old girl wants to walk into her first day of junior high with a swollen face and a shaved head and a [huge] scar. It was bad.

In her recollection, Olson also stated how some of her classmates were "really mean," toward her during the time.

But as per Olson, it was her sense of humor that helped her through the recovery period.