Kanye West's girlfriend Julia Fox celebrated her son Valentino's first birthday on January 17, 2022.

She celebrated the occasion with Valentino's father and her ex husband, Peter Artemiev.

Their appearance together was a surprise to many as she had called him a few nasty things last year. Her words at the time implied that they were not on good terms.

Not only did they now appear to be back on good terms, but she also extended an apology to him for things she said.

Julia Fox Apologized to Ex Husband for Nasty Comments

Last year, after Valentino's birth in January, Fox and Artemiev split. She received some gossip about him from one of her friends after their separation.

Apparently, he was complaining about how she was not letting him see Valentino.

It was a stressful time for Fox, and she snapped. The result of her impulse was a couple of Instagram stories where she called her ex husband mean things.

She accused him of leaving her with a 5-month-old baby, a dog, a home, and the bills, with no help.

She also said she did not want her son to be going down the wrong path, just like his father.

Fox implied Artemiev had not been present for Valentino, and he loved alcohol and partying.

Following the post, she uploaded another story in which she wrote, over his picture, "Have you seen this dead beat dad?"

Julia Fox accused ex husband Peter Artemiev of being a deadbeat dad.

Julia Fox accused ex husband Peter Artemiev of being a "deadbeat dad" in 2021. (Photo: Instagram)

She claimed he could be found at strip clubs and other places.

Further, she asked her followers to remind him he had a child to take care of and that people who hung out with him without letting him know of the things she had said were not her friends.

These words were all taken back during one of her podcast episodes in January 2022.

"All I want to say is, I'm sorry," she began her apology to him in her January 13 episode of Forbidden Fruits.

She then recanted her claims that he was a deadbeat father, stating she knew he was not. She had realized it wasn't their son he was avoiding — it was her.

Going into the stress that caused her outbursts, she said, "Everyone had COVID. I had no help at all whatsoever."

Then she revealed what she had heard from her friend and how that was the last straw.

Julia Fox Celebrated Valentino's Birthday with Ex Husband

Fox had kept the birth of her son a secret for a while. Only in February 2021 did she reveal Valentino had been born on January 17, 2021.

Valentino turned one this January 17, and both his parents were in attendance for his first birthday.

Fox first posted a video with her son where her lipstick marks covered his face.

She started the caption by saying, "My beautiful baby is 1 today!!" She then gushed about how he had taught her what love was.

Further, she called him her "masterpiece" and her "greatest accomplishment" and promised to love him forever.

Julia Fox with ex husband Peter Artemiev and son Valentino on his birthday.

Julia Fox with ex husband Peter Artemiev and son Valentino on his 1st birthday on January 17, 2022. (Photo: Instagram)

After the post came a few stories, one of which showed her standing alongside her estranged husband, who was holding Valentino.

At the bottom of the picture, she wrote, "WE MADE THIS BABY!!!"

The former couple has now been legally divorced since November 2021. She has since moved on with musician Kanye West.