Juan Rivera is a singer and actor who is well known for his family name. The Rivera family, which comprises singers and businesspeople like Juan, Jenni Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Rosie Rivera, and Chiquis Rivera, is prominent in the Mexican music industry. 

Among them, Jenni had massive success with her music and other ventures. In addition, she is a successful entrepreneur, television producer, spokesperson, and philanthropist. 

She was labeled the top-selling female artist in Regional Mexican music and the most influential female figure by various tabloids like Billboard and The New York Times. 

Unfortunately, the talented artist passed away on December 9, 2012, in a plane crash in Mexico. However, even after her shocking death, Jenni is remembered fondly for all the contributions she has made to Mexican Music. 


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While Jenni has kept the name of the Rivera Family alive and thriving, the same cannot be said for her brother, Juan. He has been arrested on multiple occasions and was in prison for 20 years. 

Juan Rivera, His Scandals and His Wife, Brenda

In February 1995, Juan was arrested at 17 for drug possession. His experience in jail was traumatizing, which eventually made him suicidal. 

Some horrors he experienced were how prisoners were dehumanized. For example, the cooks spat and urinated on food to humiliate and degrade the convicts. 

The singer thought about ending his life since it was difficult for him to survive in such an environment. However, he pulled himself together and made the best out of prison

He focused on his education and graduated from high school. He then completed a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Long Beach, California.

A few years after he got out of prison, he was once again arrested. This time, he was jailed for illegally carrying firearms, resulting in two decades behind bars 

Following all the traumas and chaos in his life, Juan also battled with alcoholism. He started drinking at 15, and by the time the singer was 30, he realized he had developed an addiction. 

Regardless, while the singer was in and out of prison, one person was always with him, his wife, Brenda. Juan dubs his wife as “the woman who changed him.”

Brenda met the singer when she was 17, and she has changed him for the better. Just after six months of dating and a few days before Juan was incarcerated, Brenda was pregnant with their first child. 

Their relationship was rocky for the first few years, but the pair did not give up. Instead, they dealt with the situation, and Juan changed himself to be a better partner for Brenda.

After being together for over two decades, the couple tied the knot in 2017. The beautiful ceremony was an intimate one, with only close friends and family attending it. 

With tearful eyes and heartfelt vows, the couple married during the golden hour with the singer’s older brother, Pedro, as the wedding minister.

Currently, the pair live happily together with their four kids in California. Juan is focusing on his music career and working hard to make his sister’s legacy remain alive.