Jschlatt has raised the beacon once again, asking for his fans' support.

"For what?" you ask? Well, for the giant 10 feet tall, 6000-pound King Kong Balls statue that currently sits in Prague. Surprisingly, this would not be the first monkey nuts statue that the YouTuber purchased. 

How the Monkey Nuts Came to Be...

Let's go back to how it all started. 

Once upon a time, there was an ape that took the internet by storm. The ape, as the French artist Denis Defrancesco described, had the gaze of a king and radiated from a place somewhere between conceit and indifference. 

Still, the photo stood out visually thanks to the ape's gargantuan testicles. So much so that Defrancesco took it upon himself to immortalize the undying freedom that the leisure ape reflected, and hence the King Kong Balls statue was born. 

The King Kong Balls statue in Prague features the laid-back, lounging ape with nuts of bronze hanging out for the world to see and admire. Admittedly, the blue bonobo ape statue's bronze nuts catches the attention of any onlooker. 

The giant artwork aside, the French sculptor also created a number of miniature versions, all of which have been purchased by the YouTuber for a whopping grand total of $234,320

On September 25, 2021, Jschlatt received and unboxed three variations of the King Kong Balls statue and a fourth one was yet to be shipped. 

Jschlatt's Monkey Nuts Are on Their Way

In a more recent YouTube update, Jschlatt shared that he had just received word from the artist himself. The primary intent of the message being to update the YouTuber on the status of his order. 

Defrancesco assured Jschlatt that his King Kong Balls statue was on its way and that the artist personally oversaw the packing of the sculpture and the table that came with it. Rest assured, the statue will soon be in the YouTuber's possession. 

For Jschlatt's peace of mind, the artist even sent photos of the magnificent monkey statue in all its glory being packed into a crate. Although it was just a statue, it was amazing to see that the monkey's composure was on-point and relaxed as he was being placed into the wooden crate. 

Denis Defrancesco Offered Another Prospect

Later on in his update message, Defrancesco revealed another bit of information that caught the YouTuber off-guard. Read this, 

I have immortalized this San Diego bonobo in bronze forever and you are well on your way to making it one of the most famous sculptures on the planet. You break the codes of Art and I would like, with you, to go further in this madness.

Obviously, the artist was touched with the YouTuber's dedication and tenacity in acquiring the King Kong Balls statue, and so he wanted to take this further. 

Defrancesco went ahead and made Jschlatt an offer—a tempting one. The artisan added, "Did you know that the Prague blue XXL KKB is for sale, its price: $ 350,000."

Needless to say, the YouTuber was beyond excited about the prospect, but then again he needed his fans' support for the deal to go through—hence the video. 

What to Do With the King Kong Balls?

However, acquiring the 6000 pound statue was only the first half of the problem. It's not like Jschlatt could bring up a statue, that weighs about two standard cars, into his apartment. 

So, he had a few ideas about what he would do if he got his hands on the giant monkey nuts tattoo.

Idea #1: Send the giant statue to god knows where

The YouTuber thought of hiding the statue somewhere by shipping it across the country or maybe even putting it on a truck and telling the driver to drop it off wherever they saw fit. 

Then, they'd set up a live stream and let people find the statue based on that feed. It's not like someone could just pick up the statue and take it. 

Idea #2: Drop it into the Amazon

Another prospect for the giant statue was carrying it on a helicopter and dropping it in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and just letting it be there. 

The YouTuber's idea being that a milliniea later, people would discover a giant statue of a monkey with huge nuts and wonder who on earth put that thing there. He thought it'd be funny. 

Idea #3: You Decide

Well there was also an open forum in the comments section for anyone and everyone to pitch their ideas on what to do with the giant statue. 

The only parameter for your suggestion being that it should be hilarious.