YouTuber Jschlatt finally has the nuts he wanted so bad! 

In a Twitter update on September 25, 2021, the famed YouTuber announced that the nuts had arrived. With that statement, he shared a photo of himself posing with the miniature King Kong Balls sculpture. 

King Kong Balls: An Artwork By Denis Defrancesco

For the uninitiated, the King Kong Balls sculpture is an artwork created by French artist Denis Defrancesco. The artwork features an ape lounging in a relaxed, laid-back posture with his larger-than-usual testicles hanging out for the world to see. 

The nuts directly draw the attention of any onlooker as they are made of bronze and visibly contrast against the rest of the ape's body.

Defrancesco first made the original artwork into a huge statue that is on display in Prague. He later created miniature models that art enthusiasts, or in this case, a guy with a borderline obsession with nuts, could purchase for a considerable sum ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to ninety-five thousand dollars. 

But beyond all that, the muse for Defrancesco's famous artwork was a real chimp that went viral on the internet. In fact, that's where the YouTuber Jschlatt first encountered the King Kong Balls. 

Jschlatt Turned to His YouTube Fanbase for Help

Jschlatt was already hooked on the picture of the monkey with giant nuts. He even had the image set as the wallpaper to his workstation monitors. Then, during a conversation on the Sleep Deprived Podcast, he found out about the King Kong Balls statue in Prague. 

Eventually, Jschlatt was informed that he could purchase miniatures of the Prague-based statue made by the same artist, so he turned to his fans for help. 

He went ahead and launched the Fund The Balls campaign, where he put up limited-edition merch on his website such that the proceeds could help him acquire all the King Kong Balls statues for a whopping grand total of $234,320. 

The program was only live for one week, and it does say quite a bit about Jschlatt's following on YouTube because he raised all the funds necessary to get himself the balls he wanted. Fund The Balls Campaign was announced over a YouTube video on September 4, 2021, and by September 25, 2021, he already had two of the statues.

Jschlatt Unboxing the Statues He Wanted

On September 25, 2021, Jschlatt put up a YouTube video where he unboxed three variations of the King King Balls sculptures. To say that Jschlatt looked like a five-year-old on a Christmas morning would not even be an exaggeration. 

The first of the monkey statues came in a black box, complete with a magnificent black cast monkey with nuts of bronze, a personalized message from the artist who made it, and a cloth for the owner to clean the nuts. 

The second one came in a wooden box, and it had a blue chimp with bronze nuts. Of the three statues unboxed, this one was by far the closest thing to the statue from Prague. 

Finally, the last monkey came in a wooden box too, and this one was white with nuts of bronze once again.

As for the mammoth $95,000 statue, that one was still a couple of weeks away as it was still in Defrancesco's foundry in Italy. However, the update suggested that because of its size, it would be shipped to the YouTube celeb in two separate crates that the artist was still working on.