YouTuber jschlattLIVE, popularly known as Schlatt, uploaded a video on September 2, 2021, titled 'I’ve been thinking of retiring.' In the video, Schlatt revealed he had been contemplating retiring because he hadn’t enjoyed making videos for months.

For the past few months, he wasn't making many videos, and in the few that he did, Schlatt pointed out that he was being grumpy and complaining all the time. He also explained that there were several reasons he had been burned out and was thinking of retirement seriously.

For the first reason, Schlatt shared he was kicked out of his house as the previous owner had sold it. And ever since then, he had been all over the place, often living in his friends’ houses and apartments.

The YouTuber got emotional and added that he didn't have a place to call home for months. Adding to his troubles was his cat eating his fridge magnets. Schlatt recounted how, after returning home one day, he noticed some of the magnets were lost.

He got suspicious that his cat might have eaten them, and after a checkup at the vet, it was confirmed that it had eaten 10 fridge magnets. They were removed after an expensive surgery, and Schlatt had to look after his cat 24/7 for some time.

Another misfortune struck at the time. He got news that his grandma had passed away and had to go back to his home in New York. Because of these series of unlucky events, Schlatt explained he was at rock bottom, making him contemplate his career as a YouTuber.

I think a lot about YouTube obviously, this is my job. And I think a lot about how dumb this site is. How the [expletive] can I talk about anything I talk about and get the amount of views I get and be as successful as I am right now. You know, it’s meaningless. It’s fairy dust… I’m replaceable.

Schlatt’s Plans Going Forward

After talking about why he felt like his current work on YouTube didn’t fulfill him, Schlatt explained he wouldn’t be retiring right now. Instead, he would continue uploading, but his content would be a lot different as he will focus on the things that got him started on this journey.

Schlatt, whose real name remains a secret, pulled out the YouTube play button plaque awarded to his second channel named theweeklyslap. 

This is the YouTube plaque for the channel that means the most to me and has consistently been the most rewarding and the most fun and fulfilling project I’ve ever done on Youtube. This is the plaque for my Call of Duty commentary channel and it’s called theweeklyslap.

Schlatt grew up watching COD commentary and started as a YouTuber because he wanted to make similar content. And after seriously thinking about what he wanted to do, the popular YouTuber decided he wanted to go back to doing COD commentary videos, despite them being a thing of the past.

Schlatt also revealed he would be doing more projects which involved other people, and he had already planned out how to change his office into a set for a show he was doing.

He ended the video positively, saying that he was moving to a new place soon and was looking forward to what he could do on the platform.