On September 6, 2022, Joy Taylor officially announced her exit from The Herd, a show she had been co-hosting along with Colin Cowherd for three years.

She tweeted a picture with Cowherd from her final episode and wrote, "My time with @theherd has come to an end," with a tearful emoji. She then showed her gratitude towards Cowherd, sharing that she got to grow and learn from "the best in business."

In the post, the television personality also didn't forget to thank her fans for loving their work for the past years. She hoped they would support her new endeavor by joining her new show, Speak, on FOX Sports.

Joy Taylor and Colin Cowherd's friendship beams as she exits from The Heard.

Joy Taylor and Colin Cowherd's friendship beams even after her exit from The Herd. (Photo: Joy Taylor/Twitter) 

Before posting the tweet, Taylor had appeared as a guest on the September 6 episode of The Herd. The sports duo talked about her leave and reminisced about their three years of co-hosting. 

"When you're really talented, every every talented woman in my life has always left me so this is my reality," Cowherd lamented on her exit. He then shared about his first reaction to her decision to depart, "So Joy told me, she was gonna get this show and I pouted for a day."

"And then the next day I came in and I said, 'You know I love you, you're the best, you've made this [best] for me personally," he shared, implying he supported her new position.

Joy Taylor And Colin Cowherd's Friendship

Taylor joined The Herd as a guest host in 2016. She filled in for Kristine Leahy whenever the latter was away. And when Leahy left the show in 2019, Taylor took over the role full-time. 

She called her first week at work during the aforementioned interview. As per her accounts, Cowherd encouraged her to talk more and put forth her opinions. His suggestions comforted her to be herself, eventually augmenting their presence on TV.


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She even remembered Cowherd recognizing her and giving her space to work in her way, "Might have been the first day I was on the show, you actually told me to talk more. You're like, when you go just go, give your opinion which is what I've, you know, gotten to this business to do is to give my opinion."

Their friendship shone throughout the interview. Even Cowherd congratulated her on her new position, called her a top female opinionist in America for sports, and thanked her for changing his life. 

No doubt, Taylor and Cowherd's friendship has won fans' support. After Taylor thanked him on her exit announcement, fans praised their compatibility and crowded the comments with future wishes for Taylor. 

"Salty @JoyTaylorTalks is leaving the @TheHerd. Her and Colin had an excellent dynamic that I'll miss. Best of luck to Joy on her new role at FS1 and you already know @ColinCowherd is going to keep trucking," a fan commented.