Jordan Peele and his wife, Chelsea Peretti, eloped and got married in April 2016. But their wedding was kept a private affair.

Peele only confirmed his marriage when he appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers with Keegan-Michael Key on April 25, 2016. In a skit, the director and Key helped fans distinguish them apart.

Just then, Peele stated, "I'm married to actress Chelsea Peretti," receiving cheers from the crowd. "And I am not married to actress Chelsea Peretti. We're just dating," Key jokingly added. 

The very next day, Peele's wife confirmed the marriage through an Instagram post, revealing they had eloped. 

She shared a photo of their pooch sitting next to a bouquet and a wedding band. In the caption, the actress announced, "eloped a bit ago, our only witness was this lil guy️." 

In 2018, during Peretti’s appearance on Conan, she detailed their wedding and explained that they eloped in Big Sur. A woman named Soaring officiated at their wedding that saw their dog as the only guest. 

Since the wedding, Peele and his wife have occasionally shared major milestones in their relationship.

Below is a timeline of the couple’s relationship from when and how they met to the present date.

2013: Jordan Peele Met Chelsea Peretti

Peele and Peretti’s lowkey relationship began on the Internet. Peretti confirmed they met on Twitter in a 2014 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

And they started talking after Peele was very complimentary of the web series she once did.

As for their first date, she added they were supposed to go to Sizzler but trailed off. Eventually, they started living together.

Before the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star confirmed how they met, there was a rumor her co-star Andy Samberg had a hand in the pair getting together. 

Though it made for a good story, the rumor turned out to be a bust.

2015: Synchronized Tweets for Their Engagement

The couple had good news to share after dating for almost two years. 

They synchronized their tweets on November 28, 2015, at exactly 11:32 PM to let the world know they got engaged.

Jordan Peele's tweet where he announced his engagement with Chelsea Peretti.

Jordan Peele's tweet where he announced his engagement with Chelsea Peretti. (Source: Twitter)

Even though the pair shared their relationship milestone, they didn’t do it grandly.

Peele just mentioned Peretti’s name, followed by a ring emoji.

Chelsea Peretti's tweet where she announced engagement with Jordan Peele.

Peretti's tweet where she announced her engagement with Jordan Peele. (Source: Twitter)

As for Peretti, she called Peele her fiancé, adding, "lololol."

Then in the tweet, she revealed Peele proposed to her during their family gathering the night before.

2016: Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti Eloped

As mentioned above, the duo’s wedding wasn’t something extravagant. Instead, they opted for an extremely intimate ceremony.

2017: Peretti Flaunted Her Pregnant Belly

Less than a year following their elopement, Peele’s wife was already flaunting her baby bump.

On February 5, 2017, Peretti uploaded an Instagram post of her reflection, which showed off her six-month pregnant belly.

The actress captioned the post “beyonce schmonce,” referring to Beyonce’s announcement of her twins a week prior.

Jordan Peele's wife Chelsea Peretti shows off her baby bump.

Peele's wife Chelsea Peretti showing off her baby bump. (Source: Instagram)

Throughout her pregnancy, she shared updates on how things were going. She didn’t shy away from posting random mirror selfies with a dose of comedy.

Peele admitted to People in March 2017 that the baby announcement was inevitable. “It got to the point where hiding it really wasn’t an option,” he explained about his wife’s bump.

The actor also remarked, “This child will be comedy gold.” 

On July 1, 2017, the couple welcomed a baby boy, Beaumont Gino Peele. The duo has kept their boy away from the media and has only shared photos without revealing his face.

Jordan Peele and Wife Chelsea Peretti's Relationship

Peele and his wife haven’t shared any big news regarding their personal life in recent times.

However, it is safe to say that their relationship is sailing smoothly. Peretti often shares a few silly photos with her spouse.

Whereas Peele’s social media is filled with posts about his new project, Nope. The paranormal thriller will be released on July 22, 2022.