Comedian Jo Firestone is understood to be in a relationship with a long-time boyfriend and American actor Brett Davis. While her private life is relatively unknown, scarce details regarding her boyfriend and son have surfaced in recent times. 

In October 2020, Davis uploaded a video on his YouTube channel titled The Special Without Brett Davis and talked about his relationship with Firestone.

In the podcast titled 'Ep. 18 Jo Firestone | The Podcast For Laundry with Brett Davis,' the comic can be heard whispering, "Jo is my girlfriend." 

During the lengthy show, the actor did not reveal whether he was engaged to Firestone. 

Based on this one claim, assumptions are made of Firestone's relationship status, excluding the possibility of her being married to Davis.

Comedian Davis might not be Firestone's husband, but the beautiful couple is understood to share a young son. 

What Is Jo Firestone Known For? 

Comic Firestone is based in New York and is associated with shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Joe Pera Talks With You, and The Chris Gethard Show.

A few days ago, she appeared in Fallon's show as a guest. The comedian was introduced by Fallon as being one of the show's ex-writers.

He acknowledged their long working relationship by saying, "We know each other for a while now." Firestone wittily responded with, "Yes, you used to be my boss."   

During the initial phase of the chat, Fallon recalled when Firestone worked backstage and performed stand-up in the show and later joked how she finally came to be a guest in his show. 

Firestone is known for her 2016 album titled The Hits and pun-based game Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers. 

As per, she is also a co-host on Comedy Central's podcast Everyday Decisions. Alsoshe is known to co-host a live comedy show titled Butterboy during the quarantine period. 

A Look into Jo Firestone's Private Life

While not much is known about her private life, a look into her official Instagram account gives us hints related to her family.

First, the reflection of her love for Davis is visibly seen on her verified Instagram account. But, unfortunately, it is unknown if the two are presently engaged or married.   

Firestone's relationship with Davis dates way back to 2016, when her followers were aware of Firestone's attachment with the comedian via a public post.

A year later, Davis, who calls himself a "failed host," was central in one of her pizza-related videos, which Firestone posted with the caption that explained how she was trying to make Davis eat a St. Louis style pizza.

Interestingly, a peek into her Instagram shows a picture of Firestone engaged in an activity with a little girl. While many speculated the young girl to be her daughter, she was understood to be Firestone's niece. 

The real clue about her motherhood comes from a picture Firestone posted in 2018 on her Instagram.

A small boy can be seen lying facedown on a sofa with just his back visible to the camera in the picture.

The short caption on the picture hints at the baby boy being Firestone's son. In her short writing, Firestone called the child to be "my boy." Unfortunately, details regarding his name and age are not known as of this writing. 

In her 2017 birthday post, an image including pictures of three kids blowing their birthday candles can be seen. The boy in the picture could well be Firestone's son and the rest, her nieces. However, there is no apparent identity reveal of the boy or the other kids.