JiDion and Pokimane have built the bridge once burnt! 

JiDion had previously orchestrated a hate raid against Pokimane on Twitch which ended up in him getting permanently banned from the streaming platform. 

However, a public apology and a whole lot of drama later, the two have finally ended their beef. In fact, the two of them nearly broke the internet after announcing a collab. 

The JiDion and Pokimane Beef

On January 19, 2022, the YouTuber had shared a screenshot of a mail he'd received from Twitch.

A week prior to that, he had forced Pokimane to end her Twitch stream early with his hate raid. JiDion and his followers had spammed the live chat and harassed her users. 

The spamming and hate weren't limited to her or her socials. Even her followers were getting harassed. 

All in all, the online hate was spread out to a degree that Pokimane had created a list of the things the YouTuber had wronged her with and shared it over a tweet. 

Mending Rifts

With the latest updates from the YouTuber, it appears that the hate raid and all of the beef between the two content creators is a thing of the past. 

After the public apology he issued, he'd kept a healthy distance from the mess he'd created in the first place. Possibly, he was hoping that without him helming the raid, the fire would die out on its own. 

JiDion had kept quiet on that front for a week or so before he surprised everyone with an unexpected tweet on February 3, 2022. 

JiDion & Pokimane's Upcoming Collab

In the tweet uploaded by the YouTuber, he was happily munching down on a sandwich with the most unexpected guest — Pokimane herself! 

The picture framed both the content creators lounging on a couch and their faces stuffed with sandwiches. It was JiDion who took the selfie shot. 

Accompanying the snap was the caption that read, "Ask me and Poki questions." 

Not just that, over on Instagram, JiDion posted a snap of himself and Pokimane posing with peace signs for the camera on his story. 

JiDion & Pokimane have supposedly concluded their beef

JiDion & Pokimane have supposedly concluded their beef (Source: Instagram)

'I Don't Like Beef,' JiDion Said

We saved the best for last! 

JiDion later took to his Instagram live to give fans some clarity on the unexpected snaps posted on his social media handles. 

He even entertained the possibility of the beef being "just a publicity stunt" but affirmed that he would come back with more answers in "three to five weeks," claiming that it would take him a "minute to post the video." 

In the same update, he shared that he was never one to like having beef. 

"I'm a chill dude. That's all I gotta say," he reaffirmed. "If you have a disagreement with a person, it can always be mended. That's all I'm gonna say."

Thus far, the collab seems to be limited to the upcoming Q&A video but, if the creators can drop a surprise on us like that, they might as well be teaming up for other projects in the future.