JiDion was permanently banned from Twitch when he launched a hate raid against popular streamer Pokimane.

He had violated the platform's community guidelines on multiple counts, and they exercised their right to keep their platform free of harassment and targeted hatred. 

Even after the Twitch ban, he continued to make provocative comments targeting Pokimane. 

However, his recent tweets suggest that he made peace with how things were going to be from here on out. 


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JiDion Took Responsibility

On January 19, 2022, JiDion took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the mail he received from someone over at Twitch. 

The email outlined how he was suspended from the platform for harassing another person.

Further along in the email, the platform discussed how they reviewed JiDion's appeal to get his Twitch handle back and outright denied the request. 

His account was suspended indefinitely because of his repeated and/or severe violation of Twitch's terms of service and community guidelines. 

"We do not unsuspend account for this level of abuse," the email confirmed. 

Fans Still Supported JiDion

In the caption, the YouTuber admitted that getting banned from Twitch was his fault before making a promise. 

He promised his fans he was going to do better in the days to come. 

That being said, his loyal followers still hadn't given up.

In response to this tweet from JiDion, one fan posted a screenshot of them typing "L+ratio" below one of Pokimane's streams, showing their undying support. 

JiDion humbly dissuaded the stan by asking her to leave her alone and admitted he had lost.

Another one showed their support by signing, "L TWITCH L LOKIMANE." However, they too were dissuaded when they were met with JiDion replying, "L JiDion" with a broken heart emoji. 

Pokimane Has a List Outlining JiDion's Harassment

While most believed that JiDion and his fans spamming Pokimane was the only harassment she had to endure, it was much more severe than that. 

So much so that Pokimane had to prepare a list to accommodate all of the things JiDion did. 

Besides posting hateful posts in her name and creating entire YouTube videos to do the same, he inspired a legion of fans to religiously and continuously harass her with all sorts of comments. 

He got his fans to scour through Pokimane's followers and call them "snitches" for telling her about his actions. So, not just her but her followers were harassed as well. 

He even accused her male followers of only following her in hopes of securing sexual favors. While on the subject, he made some vile and wildly inappropriate comments about the female streamer. 

Even after being banned from the platform, JiDion did not stop coming after Pokimane. 

He changed his profile picture to a photo of her without makeup, and every time she went live on Twitch, he would start a stream of his own. 

He would go live on Instagram just so he could make fun of Pokimane. 

There were a few more items the famed Twitch streamer listed out in her tweet.

However, she was glad JiDion apologized and asked his followers to take a step back. She hoped, if not prayed, that this was the last time she would have to mention this incident.

As for JiDion, he claimed he felt better just because she acknowledged his apology.