Jennette McCurdy made a big splash with the release of her new memoir, I'm Glad My Mom Died, in August 2022. In it, she discussed a lot of things about her past life and her present, including her abusive mother, her problems with alcohol, and others.

These revelations have made people look for further details about the former actress. And among the searched subjects is her dating life.

In particular, people seem to be interested in her friendship with Colton Tran and if he was ever her boyfriend.

Was Colton Tran Ever Jennette McCurdy’s Boyfriend?

McCurdy and Tran's friendship has been one of a lot of adoration on the internet, at least in the past, and still so among her devoted fans. The duo was very close, and the fans even had a nickname for their friendship.

Coltonette, as the fans called the relationship, reportedly began after her break up with ex boyfriend, Andre Drummond.

During their Besties episode with Teen Vogue in January 2014, McCurdy said the two first met at a film shoot. They immediately gravitated toward one another and leaned on each other through the project, which she described as an "awkward experience."


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Her family issues at the time and their "family-oriented" nature, too, helped them find common ground and strengthen their friendship.

Right after revealing these details, the two immediately jumped to discuss their dating rumors and if they were true.

"People think we're dating all the time," McCurdy said and revealed how people called them 'Coltonette.' However, she implied they were not dating in the next sentence, talking about how they were with relationships.

"Colton's great with relationships, and I'm not," the former actress quipped. "I need help getting either in or out of one at all times."

Later in the interview, she shared how Tran had been beside her through her difficult times, like when her mother died or during her struggles with alcohol abuse. He had been there for her the previous three years, throughout the ups and downs she went through with her mother's illness.

"Friends are family that you choose, and I think I chose a good one," she added at the end of their interview, giving Tran a nod.

These suggest that they were never actually a couple. But, there are a few more details.

Jennette McCurdy and Colton Tran’s Dating Rumors

As is with a lot of intimate friendships, McCurdy and Tran's dating rumors started because of their closeness and the internet joining the dots that might have never been there.

The first time their speculated romance became a big thing was in 2016 when she posted a picture of the two kissing. "This is what blurred-line friendship looks like!" she captioned the now-deleted Instagram post from October 11, 2016 (via InTouch Weekly).

Tran, too, uploaded the same picture on his Instagram, again captioning it cryptically. "Yeah.... best friends?" he wrote.

Jennette McCurdy kissing her best friend and rumored boyfriend, Colton Tran, in October 2016.

Jennette McCurdy kissing her best friend and rumored boyfriend, Colton Tran, in October 2016. (Photo: Colton Tran/Instagram)

These posts made a lot of headlines, and a few even speculated if they were "friends with benefits."

Apart from these, there were apparently a lot of videos on the internet of them behaving like they were potentially more than best friends.

A Reddit user, on August 21, just days after her book release, made a long post on the subreddit r/jennettemccurdysonse giving their two cents on McCurdy and her life, past and present, after reading her book. In his post, they said McCurdy had people confused about her relationship with Tran.

The person said he recalled watching many videos of the duo, or at least Tran, behaving like he was into her in a few videos. However, he also acknowledged that these videos were now erased from the internet and speculated McCurdy might have been behind the removals.

This contradicts the fact that Tran is gay and has been dating someone named Kyle Kamphaus for a while. He is quite open about his dating life on his Instagram.

As for McCurdy, she has dated, or is rumored to have dated five guys — Graham Patrick Martin (never confirmed), Max Ehrich (denied the dating rumors), Andre Drummond (2013, short fling), Paul Glaser (broke up before her mother's passing), and Jesse Carere (dated for over a year).

And finally, talking about their friendship, McCurdy and Tran seem to have developed some distance between them. The last time Tran posted about her was on her birthday in 2018. Since then, there have been no posts from them featuring one another.