Stuck in the Middle star Jenna Ortega has been romantically linked to many people. The actress herself has, however, revealed the truth about her personal life, clarifying that she has never dated the people who have been thought to be with her.

During her appearance in the Just Between Us podcast in February 2019, Ortega shared that the craziest things she had read about herself on the internet were about her relationships.


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The Disney star explained she had read about herself dating six guys but hadn’t been in a relationship with even one of them. Among the six, the most notable two with whom she was linked are Jacob Sartorius and Asher Angel.

Here’s a look at how the speculations about her dating life came about.

Jenna Ortega And Jacob Sartorius

Ortega was thought to be in a relationship with singer Jacob Sartorius back in 2017. On September 19, Sartorius took to Twitter to announce that he had a crush and, just days later, posted a picture of him and Ortega exploring New York.

Fans of the two began wondering if the two were dating because of the picture. However, many people got rid of the thought after the music video for Sartorius’ song ‘Chapstick’ was released, and they realized the picture was from the music video.

Consequently, the music video further fueled the rumor of Ortega and Sartorius being more than friends as the two almost shared a kiss for the video. As a result, many were convinced that they had dated, and it was only cleared up after Ortega confirmed they were just friends during the aforementioned podcast.

Sartorius had also confirmed that there was nothing special between the two when talking to J-14.

We’re really good friends, and she’s really nice. It was really fun to film the video. She’s really nice, so we had a good chemistry on camera and off.

Jenna Ortega And Asher Angel

After Sartorius, Ortega was thought to have a boyfriend in Shazam! star Asher Angel. The two were linked after attending Just Jared’s 7th Annual Halloween Party together while dressed like the former couple Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

At the event, Ortega and Angel revealed they had planned their costumes weeks in advance and continued with it even after Grande and Davidson had ended their engagement.

On top of the Halloween party, Ortega and Angel were also spotted together at a fashion show and the premiere of Tom Hardy’s 2018 movie, Venom. The pair also shared snippets of their time together through Instagram Stories.

Not long after, Angel also spoke about having a girlfriend during a live stream before denying it.

I mean no, I don’t. Sorry guys, kind of tired.

Despite his correction, many were convinced that the actor was trying to cover for his slip-up. However, Ortega later confirmed that she and Angel weren’t dating, and it’s unknown whether Angel had just made a mistake during his live stream or if he was talking about someone else.