Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have become villains of the YouTube beauty community ever since the fiasco with James Charles and Tati Westbrook. In 2019, Westbrook made a video, 'Bye Sister' about Charles, pointing out how he was problematic and a predator.

Star had supported her and called Charles a danger to society. Charles faced massive backlash after Westbrook's videos and consequently lost a lot of followers and subscribers. 

Charles responded to the outcry and proved that Westbrook's video was based on lies. A year later, Westbrook did a complete 180 and blamed Star and Dawson, saying they gaslighted her to make the video. 

As a result, both Dawson and Star faced negative repercussions from fans and took a break from social media. Moreover, old videos of Dawson resurfaced where he made pedophilia and racist comments.

Dawson also received hate because of those old clips, which eventually drove him out of social media. Star also took a hiatus after Westbrook's video but returned to YouTube after a few months.

However, Dawson has been inactive for over a year on Twitter and YouTube. After a year of not posting anything on his social media, Dawson started uploading various Instagram stories — usually polls and asking for his follower's opinions on different things. 

Similarly, he also started appearing on his fiancé, Ryland Adams', YouTube videos, while editing them as well. Since he has become more active nowadays, it seems like Dawson will return to YouTube soon. 

Will Shane Dawson Be Making a Comeback Soon?

On September 28, 2021, Star took to Twitter to announce that he would collaborate with Dawson for his new video. The video was about the pair reacting to their products being sold at Nordstrom Rack

Back in 2018, Dawson and Star collaborated for their makeup collection named the Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection, which sold out in minutes. The two earned millions from the eyeshadow palates, lipsticks, and other accessories. 

Dawson documented the entire process, from discussing ideas and manufacturing to selling products on his YouTube channel. Unfortunately, after their series, the controversy with Charles and Westbrook started. 

So, this collab was the duo's first collaboration in almost two years. Star hyped the video a lot on Twitter only to announce that there would be a delay because of some technical error. 

The beauty mogul uploaded the video on October 2, 2021, explaining why their products ended up on Nordstrom Rack. Previously, Star and Morphe, a makeup brand, used to work closely together.

Star's makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC) products, used to be sold on Morphe. But following his controversies, Morphe cut ties with him. However, Morphe had a lot of remaining JSC products. 

Since they could not sell them at their stores and website, Morphe sold them to discount stores like Nordstrom Rack. Star was not mad about the decision but rather appreciated Morphe for the smart business move. 

He bought their makeup from Nordstrom Rack, reviewed it, and promised that he would donate it to various charities, along with other makeup products. After reviewing it, he called Dawson and shared his thoughts about their collection being on discount stores. 

The collab did not live up to its hype because Dawson was featured for a little over a minute at the end of the video. Moreover, Star chose a thumbnail to make it appear as if they went to the store together.

The video was trending on #1 on YouTube, and they disappointed many people with the video. However, even though Dawson's collaboration with Star did not go well, they might be making more in the future.

Star said that Dawson was coming to Wyoming soon to visit the Star Ranch at the end of the video. He further said that they would be filming some videos together during Dawson's visit. He did not elaborate more on this topic, but it appears as if Dawson's significant return to YouTube might be with Star.