Britney Spears was freed from a 13-year conservatorship last week, and fans and celebrities alike are celebrating. They have expressed their happiness for Spear’s newfound freedom and relief at the situation. 

One such celebrity is controversial makeup mogul Jeffree Star, who claimed that the conservatorship should have never happened.

It appears that in celebration of this good news, Star seemingly sent a congratulatory gift from his makeup line to the pop star.

But when Spears thanked Star for the package in a dedicated post, fans were unhappy, causing social media drama. And whether or not Star likes it, he has been dragged into the controversy. 

Britney Spears’ Deleted Post

In the now-deleted Instagram post, the singer had praised Star, leaving the beauty community buzzing. 

The post included an image showcasing a bedazzled lip art previously posted by Vlada Haggarty, an LA-based makeup artist, on her Instagram in April 2020.

In the caption accompanying the photo, Spears gave a glowing review, which confused fans. 

Jeffree Star’s Holy Mist is BOMB, and I mean it. I don’t wake up or go to sleep without it. I wanna open the cute packaging and freaking drink it!!! It smells that good, not to mention the adorable bullet lipsticks.


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She added that she had to share it because she wanted others to know about it too and then called Star “a genius.” Spear’s endorsement caused mixed reactions amongst fans. 

In the comments section, some criticized Spears, stating that she was behaving like her conservators, while others schooled her about Star’s past and controversies. A short while later, the post was deleted. 

Jeffree Star Dragged on Twitter

For those not aware, Star has been accused of violence, racism, and sexual assault. Aside from that, he was also involved in the infamous “Dramageddon 2.0” controversy, which made more fans turn against him. 

Although Star has said nothing negative about Spears recently, his old video with negative comments about Spears recirculated on Twitter. In the video, Perez Hilton attempted to boycott Britney Spears, saying she was a drug addict. 

Twitterati dragged Star and Hilton for being judgemental and only apologizing when they were caught. To make matters worse, Hilton even liked and retweeted the video.

“Do not enable Britney Spears. She’s a drug addict,” he said. Star, who was beside Hilton, chimed in, saying, “Dont support her habit.” According to a TMZ article, the incident occurred in 2007 at the “Just Britney” art show in Hollywood. 

One fan tweeted that Spears probably deleted her post about Star slandering her.

Many fans stated that it was up to Spears whom she wanted to support and what makeup she wanted to use. Some even endorsed Star’s makeup brand, iterating that they were good quality despite the controversial things he had done. 

So far, Star has not spoken up, and it looks like the relationship between Spears and Star is indeterminate for now.