While the 20th century saw countries competing to see which one would make the most milestones above the Earth's atmosphere, the 21st century saw the same spirit manifested in multibillion-dollar enterprises.

While Elon Musk was once the poster child for privatized space exploration, two other billionaires beat him to the punch when it came to actually going to space, namely Richard Branson and now Jeff Bezos. 

As Bezos shot to space on Blue Origin's first crewed mission, Tinseltown residents took to Twitter to give their two cents on the historic yet controversy-filled venture. 

Some celebrities made sarcastic remarks on Bezos's flight while others outrightly condemned Bezos, who has long been criticized for making Amazon's employees work in inhumane conditions while benefitting from tax breaks.

Celebs were even seen pleading to the billionaires to focus resources to save the planet we already live on. 

Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner took to Twitter to impart some much-needed wisdom to his fanbase. He explained that the most important discovery that came of space travel was that there was only one world, and it was about time that we clean it up. 

Richard Melville Hall aka. Moby

Musician Moby was in the same orbit and prompted all three billionaires making headlines for space missions to divert their finances and technology towards Earth, as our planet needed those resources much more than space did. 

Conan O'Brien

Around the same time, celebrated comedian Conan O'Brien called Bezos out for charging someone twenty-eight million dollars for eleven minutes in suborbital space. 

The talk show host was referring to the anonymous auction winner who bid the insane amount to secure a seat on Bezos's rocker. Sadly, the winner withdrew their spot before the launch.

The spot was later taken by a dutch teenager Oliver Daemen, making him the youngest astronaut to venture into space at just 18.

Bob Saget

Other comedians like Bob Saget ridiculed the rocket for its phallic shape and made suggestive comments regarding the same. 

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah took a shot at Bezos, criticizing the often controversial working conditions over at Amazon.

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil was especially triggered by the privatized space race. In her recent tweets, she rhetorically asked her followers which billionaire was the first to make it to space before bluntly stating that she did not care about the answer. 

In a subsequent tweet, she hopefully speculated that the next, for lack of a better phrase, billionaire sport should be: "Which billionaire saved healthcare? Or, which billionaire housed the most homeless people?" 

She was even willing to settle for billionaires competing to save Britney Spears

Quinta Brunson

Amongst all the celebrity reactions, Quinta Brunson's words were possibly the simplest and straight to the point.