Who is Jayda Cheaves?

Over the last few years, Cheaves has risen to internet popularity, undoubtedly bolstered by her high-profile relationship with rapper Lil Baby. But relationship aside, Cheaves is a bonafide social media star and is flourishing thanks to her social media fame.


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Cheaves, better known as “Jayda Wayda” online, has 5.9 million followers on Instagram and 327,000 plus subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is one of the few influencers that successfully turned her social following into a flourishing cash-flow business. 

Her journey to entrepreneurship started at the age of 16 when she sold her barely worn clothes on the retail marketplace app, Poshmark.

Her brand gradually took off, and she even caught the attention of celebrities like Rihanna. She became an ambassador for Savage x Fenty and the famous retail brand, Fashion Nova. 

All of this helped launched her own brand. She has her own hair brand and is in the midst of launching her merchandise collection, Waydaminmerch, which has garnered over 324k followers on the brand’s page.

Where Is Jayda Cheaves from? 

Last year in December, Cheaves sat down for a Zoom conversation with Preme on their YouTube channel. The social media star started off by detailing her childhood. Cheaves grew up in Savannah, Georgia, and shared that she was a cheerleader in high school. 

She revealed that she used to work at a restaurant with a strict dress code, and as someone who loved fashion and changing up her look, she hated working there. That’s when she realized she had to become her own boss and start her own business. 

She got her start on Poshmark, made $3000 the first night, and has not looked back since. Much of her success can be attributed to her parents. 

In an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes 2, the entrepreneur revealed that her father went to China twice and found the vendor for her hair business. In addition, her father motivated her to work hard and gave advice. 

And Cheaves definitely knows how to thank her parents for everything they gave her. She bought her mother a 2017 BMW X6 on mother’s day. 


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Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby

Cheaves has achieved a lot in her young life, but despite all the success and fame, she shared that she missed the privacy that came from being a regular person. She wished people talked less about her and her relationship with Lil Baby.

The two first started dating in 2016, and it seemed like everything was good for a while. Cheaves gifted Lil Baby a luxurious Swiss timepiece for his birthday. The two were in an on-off relationship and welcomed a son named Loyal in 2019. 

But they called it quits for good in February 2021 after the Lil Baby cheating rumors surfaced. 

Cheaves is currently single.