Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso broke all records and earned historical success with 20 Emmy nominations and five Critics Award nominations for its first season.

While the series achieved the monumental milestone, the hype for its new seasons is equally ascending. And it has raised questions if there would ever be a fourth season despite remarks that Ted Lasso is a trilogy. 

Jason Sudeikis Drew Inspiration from 'Star Wars'

Sudeikis used his life experiences and inspirations from various movies to create Ted Lasso with help from an equally talented crew of writers, directors, and actors. 

As a result, the Virginia native envisioned only three seasons for the series, deriving inspiration from the Star Wars trilogy. He shed light on his plan and the significance of the seasons during an interview with The Kansas City Star

The Saturday Night Live alum gushed about how the show's second season would resonate with the Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back.

In his words, the characters would have to fight their personal issues rather than have external foes, just like how Luke Skywalker faced demons in a cave while training.

He elaborated on his point, detailing that Rebecca was done with her ex-husband and Ted had no more challenges moving on from season one. Then he stated the characters would have to look inside themselves to figure out the problems. 

Apart from Star Wars, the comedian derived inspiration from movies such as Bull Durham and Major League, to develop the character Rebecca, portrayed by Hannah Waddingham

He clarified to The Hollywood Reporter in June 2021 that he didn't entirely base the character on the movie but just grabbed the idea to invest his lovable villain. 

Will ‘Ted Lasso’ Have Season 4?

With the hike in popularity, the possibility of Ted Lasso’s season 4 is becoming the talk of the town. But Sudeikis is pretty determined to run the show as a trilogy and end it right after the third season.

While talking to Entertainment Weekly in June 2021, the executive producer shared that the three-season arc was the story he knew and understood. 

The 45-year-old highlighted the growing fame of the show and stated he didn't have control over everything, hinting at the unpredictability of the Emmys history-making series. 

I'm glad that they are willing to pay for those three seasons. As far as what happens after that, who knows? I don't know.

Sudeikis's co-star Brendan Hunt shared similar feelings and opined they should do only three seasons. But he also stated that if Sudeikis made the fourth installment out of pressure from the popularity, he would abide by the new decision and help.

The show's other executive producer, Bill Lawrence, shared that the abrupt change wouldn't be possible since they had already figured out the beginning, middle, and end for all seasons from the start.

However, he was hopeful they could find stories to tell after the trilogy. Bill Wrubel, the show's writer and producer, also shed light on the fourth season.

He said they had already mapped out the third season and would have to fight every instinct to change the story. While there's still uncertainty looming over the possibility of a fourth season, the show's second season will stream on Apple TV+ from July 21, 2021.