SPOILER WARNING: Plot and ending details for Ted Lasso and The Empire Strikes Back.

Award-winning comedy series Ted Lasso has been critically acclaimed.

The Apple TV+ series is about an American soccer coach, Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), recruited to coach AFC Richmond, an English Premier League Team. Lasso knows nothing about soccer, yet he takes the coaching job.

Season one was released in August 2020, and the filming for season two started in January 2021. It is reported that the filming wrapped up in late April 2021.

Star of the show, Hannah Waddingham, teased season two in various interviews. She revealed that her co-star, Sudeikis, compared the upcoming season to Star Wars: Episode V–The Empire Strikes Back

‘Ted Lasso’ v. ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

Recently, Waddingham sat down with Collider and talked about season two. She said that she agreed with Sudeikis, and season two was very much like The Empire Strikes Back

The Oscar-winning movie is the second installment in the original Star Wars trilogy. The movie is often considered the best movie in the Star Wars saga. 

True to its name, the movie revolves around the Empire fighting back after their defeat in Episode IV — Star Wars: A New Hope.

In addition to that, the film had perhaps the most famous revelation and dialogue of all time — Darth Vader revealing he was Luke Skywalker’s father. 

The Empire Strikes Back surpassed its predecessor in every way and form. Among all other episodes, it has the highest score from critics, 94%, on Rotten Tomatoes. Similarly, it is the darkest, most mature, and most complex movie Star Wars has ever released. 

Now comparing this with Ted Lasso, there are a few similarities between the two projects. Season two of the series is expected to tackle the darker moments and the past of coach Lasso.

Season one superficially teased about his personal histories like his father’s death and divorce; more is yet to be shown. 

Besides that, Rebecca Welton (Waddingham) and Lasso’s team were assigned to a lower rank by the end of season 1. Therefore, like the Empire, AFC Richmond might have to fight to come out strong and reach the top.

And lastly, if we were to follow the analogy of season two being like Star Wars Episode V, season two might surpass season one. The first season had already won multiple awards and was also considered one of the best shows of 2020. 

So season 2 might just be bigger and better than its predecessor.

Season 2 Release Date 

The anticipated second season is confirmed for July 23, 2021. Apple TV announced the news on their official Twitter along with the trailer.

The 2-minute long trailer starts with the words, "This year, believe kindness makes a comeback," emphasizing the show's theme of positivity.

With Queen's iconic song ‘We Will Rock You’ playing in the background, the trailer contains interactions between Lasso, AFC Richmond's staff, and the first-team squad, along with on-field soccer action.

The show’s official Twitter also announced the news.

Collider confirmed that season 2 of Ted Lasso would be longer than season 1 with a total of 12 episodes instead of 10 because of this season's story requirement.

 Along with that, all the cast members from season one are confirmed to return for the upcoming season.