Like many others in the industry, Jason Derulo has been subjected to gay rumors.

Chasing down rumors on the internet can be tricky, but it appears as though the rumors stem from two notable sources: a gossip site and a fan forum. 

Internet Gossip Announced Jason Derulo Was Gay

An internet gossip site by the name of Lipstick Alley first published an article claiming that Derulo was gay, complete with a bunch of quotes that prove beyond a doubt that Derulo was gay, if not bisexual. 


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The report claimed that the singer had multiple homosexual encounters in his college days as part of a bet. As per the site, Derulo said, 

Me and my roommate in college bet on who could sleep with the most men in one term. I won by far. I think it was like, six.

The article went as far as to claim that Derulo even had a foursome while in college. 

The outlet painted a greater picture of Derulo's character as they reported him to be someone who never led any man on.


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"I'll never sell somebody a dream," Derulo allegedly said, "If I'm not into it then I'm not into it. If it was just one situation, then I wouldn't make it seem like it was going to be anything else. I don't think you should ever mislead anybody."

However, when cross-referenced with other sources on the internet, the outlet's claims held no water. The quotes that the outlets so confidently published were either exclusive or fabricated. 

Jason Derulo Coming Out as Gay over a Song?

Another piece of evidence that fan forums have cited to pinpoint Derulo's sexuality was a song that the singer released sometime in the 2000s: 'Locked in Love.'


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In the love song, Derulo can be heard singing of a male love interest. The singer was apparently trying as hard as he could to not fall in love with this man, but his attempts were futile. 

As you can imagine, the fan forums took the lyrics and decided to run with it. 

Jason Derulo's Coming Out Anthem

More recently, queer teenagers have taken to TikTok with another one of Derulo's songs, 'Get Ugly,' specifically the line: “Oh my oh my oh my God, this girl straight and this girl not.”

The clips feature teenagers pointing to their straight friend or family member and then to themselves, making this the viral coming-out anthem.

While the content generated thanks to his song was amazing, it did nothing to douse the already rampant gay rumors surrounding Derulo.

So Is Jason Derulo Gay?

So all of this points to Derulo being a gay man. Except for the fact that Derulo is a father! Derulo welcomed a cute baby son with his girlfriend, Jena Frumes, on May 18, 2021.

Frumes was the first to break the news when she shared an Instagram photo of her taking the baby's tiny hands in her own. As for the proud papa, he shared a video of the baby's birth. 


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In the caption, the doting father announced the name of his firstborn: Jason King Derulo. 

While the rumors about Derulo being gay still run rampant, there is very little evidence supporting it. As for the singer being straight, well, Derulo and Frumes' tiny bundle of joy is all the proof we need.