Jason Alexander is best known for his role in the television series Seinfeld for his role as George Costanza. He married actress Daena E. Title in the early 80s and the couple has been together for four decades and is blessed with two kids. 

His first son, Gabriel Alexander, was born in 1991 and his second one, Noah Alexander, was born five years later, in 1996.

Even though Title and their sons rarely appear with Alexander in public, they have a wonderful family that the entire world cherishes. 

How Jason Alexander Pursued His Wife for marriage

During his conversation with James Corden, he opened about his wife and shared some insights into their relationship.

Long before Alexander landed his role in Seinfield, he was working as a casting agent when he met Title. He revealed how he thought she was way out of his league, but he finally took courage and decided to ask her out. To his surprise, she accepted his offer.

"I had $1000 to my name and for our first date, I wasn't sure what she would want to do, so I took out all the money from my bank account," he recollected.

Luckily, Title was not expensive to date and they went to a restaurant in New York City called Cafe Centrale where a young John Goodman, the-then aspiring actor, was their bartender. 

Alexander and Title clicked almost immediately and things started moving quite fast from there as they started living together within three weeks of their date.

He asked her to marry her but she almost instantly said no. She said she loved it and wanted to continue staying together, but she felt they were not ready to start a family.

 Alexander, however, didn't quit and proposed to her three more times and got rejected every time. He finally expressed his love through a billboard in the Time Square where he wrote, "Daena, I love you. Marry me. Forever, Jason".

They exchanged vows on May 31, 1981, and have been together for nearly four decades as they marked their 40th anniversary in May 2021.

Jason Alexander On His Wife Daena E. Title’s Artistic Pursuits

Daena is an established actor that has taken a variety of roles. She made her acting debut in 1995 when she appeared in an American television sitcom, For Better or Worse than Cop#2. Later, she performed in Seinfeld in 1998, and in Just Looking in 1999.

The actress, however, is also known for having outstanding artistic talents as she has been pursuing her artistic expressions since the 2000s. 

During his stint in the YouTube video by the Jewish Journal, Alexander talked about his wife's latest series, "Drown the Dolls," a collection of photographs and paintings of Barbie Dolls being submerged underwater. 

Alexander explained her interest in creating juxtapositions of real images and abstractions on the same canvas. 

"Going underwater, everything kind of comes out real and hard-edged and realistic. But the surface becomes this amazing palette of distortions and kaleidoscope," he said. "With her series, she was able to suddenly see a single frame with photographs of real and abstract images."

He also shed some light on how her artistic talents were suddenly unveiled 12 years into their marriage and that she went after her passion only after the birth of their first child. 

His wife, Title, elaborated on the topic and said that after her graduation from college, she entered the industry as an actress, shutting all her passion for painting.

"After graduation, I became an actress. Didn’t quite get the love there. So, I became a screenwriter. Ehhh, not so much there either. I worked hard at it, but it was always more work than joy."

With the start of her family and the birth of her son, everything restarted for her and suddenly, she knew on an instinctive, "deep animal level" that she needed to create again. She suddenly started to draw and to paint. And the rest is history!