Jason Alexander, whose given name is Jay Scott Greenspan, earned his fame through his all-around talent—he’s an actor, comedian, television host, and director.

The actor had a phase in his career when he was always conscious about his appearance, especially his hair. An actor’s appearance and acting pedigree are essential facets of their craft, given the entertainment industry’s nature. 

The 61-year-old actor initially started balding at 17, and subsequently, his worries were raised, too. But soon, Alexander realized that worrying is not helping him.

Hence, he started searching for options to get back his hair and look younger to keep his chances of nabbing a variety of acting parts alive.

Speaking to Dailymail in 2011, the actor shared that he and his wife thought of three options regarding his hair loss. He stated:

My wife and I discussed it and came up with 3 options - do nothing and accept it; shave my head (but I thought that might limit my castability even more) or put some hair back

After much thought, he went for the latter option—he chose a semi-permanent hair solution. The idea behind that was he wanted something that would give him some hair but wouldn’t limit his ability to play balding characters.

Following his decision, he chose Farrell Hair, a leading provider of customized hair systems, to work on his desired hair look. He even challenged his designer to make him such customized hair that would make him look the way he used to 10 years ago. 

The reason it looks thin is that I challenged my designer to make me a piece that would look very similar to the way I did 10 years ago. So, it looks like a guy who is losing his hair and isn't an artificial mop of hair that I never had.

The actor further explained in his Dailymail interview that his semi-permanent hairpiece lasted for weeks, even if he went for a swim, took a shower, and worked out.

He said, “What you see on my head is a really good, semi-permanent hairpiece. By semi-permanent I mean that I can wear it constantly for weeks at a time, if I so choose. I can swim, shower, work out - whatever. It stays on.”

Jason Alexander flaunting his semi-permanent hair

Jason Alexander flaunting his semi-permanent hair. (Photo: Dailymail)

Even after the transformation, the actor holds great confidence and doesn’t shy away from speaking about wearing a semi-permanent hairpiece.

So yes, I'm still bald and yes, just like others in my profession who have to either wear make-up or dye their hair or undergo surgery, I now do a little something.

Alexander’s acting work post his hair transformation, which he had in the early 2010s, includes movies and TV shows such as The Cleveland ShowThe GrinderTripTankHit the RoadKody KapowHarley Quinn, and Young Sheldon.

The veteran actor has been active in the acting scene since the early 1980s. His most appreciated stint as an actor was his role of George Costanza in the television series Seinfeld, for which he was nominated for seven consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards.

Simultaneously, Alexander was also making a successful name for himself on stage, as he worked in Broadway musicals, including Jerome Robbins’ Broadway, The Producers, and was also the artistic director of Reprise! Broadway’s Best in Los Angeles.