Jared Padalecki got into a nasty car accident in late April 2022. He made everyone worry about him when he sent out a tweet on April 21, 2022, announcing he would be missing the Supernatural Official convention on April 24.

Thankfully, despite the severity of the accident, he was not in a serious condition. Jensen Ackles, his Supernatural co-star, revealed he was recovering nicely.

Padalecki wasn't even in the hospital, which surprised Ackles, considering the beating he had taken in the accident.

Jared Padalecki Recovering Nicely after Car Accident, Says Co-star

During his appearance on the stage at Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural Official Conventions on April 24, 2022, he gave the fans a few updates on how the Texan actor was doing after the accident.

"[Padalecki] sends his love. I spoke with him yesterday. He’s sad he can’t be here," Ackles told the attending crowd. Padalecki had expressed his regret in missing the convention through a tweet on April 21.

"Hey #SpnFamily! Sorry to miss y’all in NYC this weekend," Padalecki wrote on the tweet, without actually revealing anything about what had happened. "Thank you and the #WalkerFamily for all the love and support. Can’t wait to see y’all again."

"I miss my buddy," Ackles said after appearing on stage at the event.

Ackles told the audience he had spoken to Padalecki, and he had given the green light to share some details with everyone. He said Padalecki had been a "very bad car accident."

"He wasn’t driving. He was in the passenger seat, and he’s lucky to be alive," he told everyone. However, there were no casualties in the accident, and Padalecki wasn't even in the hospital.

Ackles had seen the car, and seeing how bad the condition of the car was, he was astounded by how Padalecki was not seriously injured. "The fact that he’s not even in the hospital right now is, like, blowing my mind," he exclaimed.

Jared Padalecki got into a nasty accident but his co-star, Jensen Ackles, revealed he was at home and recovering well.

Jared Padalecki with his 'Supernatural' co-star, Jensen Ackles. (Photo: Jared Padalecki/Instagram)

Further, he joked about how Padalecki had been "left exhausted" due to the airbags inflating during the collision. According to him, the recovering actor was like, "I feel like I went 12 rounds with Tyson."

"But he is doing OK, and he’s moving around," he told the crowd and asked everyone to keep him in their thoughts and send him love on social media. "He’ll be back with us soon."

Outpour of Love and Support for Jared Padalecki

As soon as the news of Padalecki's car accident came out, many fans took to social media to send love to the actor.

"anyway my only concern is jared padalecki," one wrote on Twitter on April 24, posting an adorable picture of the actor laughing on stage. Another posted a picture of him holding the AKF candle and wrote #GetWellSoonJared and #AlwaysKeepFighting as their caption.

Yet another user tweeted about Padalecki and what he said during the event with Ackles's picture from the stage alongside the caption.

Someone else uploaded a video from the event, where Ackles video calls Padalecki on stage. Then, he shows the injured actor the crowd as they go crazy as many scream "Love you, Jared" and hold up heart signs.

"Alright," Ackles jokingly reprimanded the audience and said, "We love you. Miss you. Goodbye," ending the call.

Further details about the accident, like how he got into the car accident and who was driving, or Padalecki's health, are yet to come out.