Jade Goody, an English television personality, tied the knot with her husband, Jack Tweed, on February 22, 2009, a month before her untimely death due to cervical cancer.

While the couple didn't have kids of their own, Goody had kids from a previous relationship — two sons.

After her death, her husband, however, struggled to find love for himself.

On her 12th death anniversary in March 2021, Tweed, a television personality, spoke with The Sun and opened up about his struggles to find the right woman after his wife’s death.

He explained that it was hard for him to find someone special after Goody’s death because he always compared the new girl in his life with his departed wife. “I will never forget about Jade,” he added.


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He continued to share, “Girls have said in the past: ‘Well you obviously don’t like me and I’m not here to be compared to Jade. So let’s just call it a day.’”

Jade Goody’s Husband Eventually Found Someone

During the same conversation, Tweed revealed that he had finally found someone special and had been with her for the last seven months [at that time].

He went on to gush about her by stating that she was a really nice girl, and they talked with each other every day.

“... it’s probably the most serious I’ve been since Jade,” Tweed claimed.

He has now also realized that it was stupid to compare someone else with his dead wife and expect he would get the same he had with Goody. Hence, he was committed to forgetting the past and moving on with his new lover.

In addition, he was hoping the relationship worked for him, as he wanted to settle down properly.

As of this writing, it is unclear if Tweed is still together with the girl he mentioned since he manages a very private lifestyle.

Jade Goody’s Husband Jack Tweed's Tribute to His Ex-Wife

To mark his wedding anniversary with Goody in 2021, the TV personality took to Instagram and revisited the special day.

He reportedly shared an image taken just minutes after he and Goody said their wedding vows in 2009.

According to The Guardian, Goody and Tweed’s wedding was held at a country house hotel in Essex behind a cordon of security designed to keep at bay the watching media.

The intimate ceremony also had the presence of limited friends, family members, and an assortment of showbusiness stars.

Late Jade Goody with her husband Jack Tweed.

Late Jade Goody with her husband Jack Tweed. (Photo: Instagram)

Cut to the chase — Goody’s husband also wrote, “12 years ago was this special day,” alongside the throwback picture. “Miss u,” he added, followed by a love heart and prayer emoji icons.

However, the special gesture wasn’t well appreciated by his then-girlfriend, with whom he was growing his new relationship.

As per The Sun, the pair had their first fall-out when he posted a tribute to Goody on the 12th anniversary of their wedding day.

“She’s not talking to me at the moment because I put something up on Instagram and she said I should’ve warned her,” Tweed told about the situation to the tabloid.

But he also explained that he would feel guilty and horrible if he didn’t acknowledge the days that are special to him.

Jade Goody Had Two Sons Before Death

Before she passed away, Goody also had two kids; however, they were not from her relationship with her husband, Tweed.

She welcomed her two kids from her relationship with television presenter Jeff Brazier.

She first gave birth to her son Bobby Jack in June 2003, followed by her second son Freddy in September 2004.

Both her sons are grown up today.