Towards the end of 2021, Jack Dylan Grazer was the center of a massive controversy for his relationship with his former girlfriend, Cylia Chasman. 

Sources close to the young actor and his then-girlfriend pained him out as an abusive and manipulative individual. 

Still, mere months after his break up, Grazer seems to have officiated another relationship as he is now dating a new girlfriend, TikToker Morgan Cohen. 

Morgan Cohen Flaunted Jack Dylan Grazer on TikTok

Over the month of March this year, the actor has made several appearances on the TikToker's feed, starting with a clip uploaded on the seventh. 

The premise of the clip was simple. The onscreen caption read, "Does he act like his age?" while the actor could be seen indulging himself on a pair of VR goggles. 

While this was going on, the TikToker dubbed, "That's a great question. Let me see how I wanna answer this."

Although the video prompted dating rumors, nothing was really official up until this point. 

Morgan Cohen flaunting Jack Dylan Grazer (Source: TikTok)

Two days later, Cohen put up another short clip of Grazer on TikTok. This time, the caption had a red heart emoji on it.

For a while, fans were confused if he really was Grazer in the clip, as they seemed to note in the caption.

However, once they were certain of the actor's identity, many chose to red-flag what the post implied — a red heart over his clip equals officially dating. 

Swiftly, fans began warning the TikToker and asking her to "run" ASAP, possibly because of his abusive history. 

Morgan Cohen Officially Dating Jack Dylan Grazer

Still, Cohen was anything but deterred by the comments. 

Over the coming weeks, she would continue to put up clips of the actor on her feed, including one where she partnered with Princess Polly

In the said video, she purchased $900 worth of dresses and tried each of them on while Grazer was asked to rate each one of the outfits. 

This time around, she unhesitantly introduced Grazer to her viewership as her boyfriend, hence making things official-official. 

As more videos keep rolling in, fans continue to warn the TikToker, but she seems to have turned a blind eye to them. 

Jack Dylan Grazer's Alleged History of Abuse

Back in December 2021, several text messages surfaced on Instagram that claimed that Grazer was abusive towards his then-girlfriend

The allegations included everything from emotional abuse to physical assault. 

The allegations, though not originally outed by Chasman, were seconded by the girlfriend nevertheless. 

Instead of making his case in the court of public opinion, the actor took the legal route and lawyered up. 

In the statement from his lawyer, the actor claimed that Chasman was a "troubled, immature, attention-seeking young woman." 

Albeit, several witnesses claimed to know otherwise. That was the last of what was heard in the public sphere.

Sadly, that was not the first time the actor was alleged to have physically assaulted a partner.

As for Cohen, the last time she was publicly dating, she was with the actor Ethan Cutkosky.

If Cutkosky's word is to be believed, the couple broke up sometime before September 2021, as the actor confessed over an appearance on CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau that he was single at the time.