Issa Twaimz has made a comeback on social media after almost an entire year of absence. The popular TikTok and YouTube star who had been inactive also appeared on a YouTube video of his close friend Larray titled 'CONFRONTING MY EX BEST FRIEND.'

In the video, Twaimz and Larray addressed Twaimz's disappearance from the internet and their friendship.

Twaimz and Larray's friendship has been well documented in their content since their rise to stardom. And when Twaimz took a break from the internet with no notice, many speculated that it resulted from Larray having changed after his fame skyrocketed following him joining The Hype House.

Larray had previously addressed these speculations and rumors, saying he had changed. However, he shot back at the people making those statements and pointed out that he had just grown up. He added that he didn't think he had changed and that his life had just gotten better.

I’m sorry for growing up. Personally, I don’t think I’ve changed. The only thing that has changed in my life is that I am no longer locked in my room depressed and I have made friends.

Are Larray And Issa Twaimz Still Friends? Twaimz's Return From Hiatus

Despite Larray's statement, he continued receiving criticism from people, with many saying that he had started out hanging out with more famous personalities, and that was why Twaimz was no longer on his content or the internet.

These rumors continued flying around as Twaimz had disappeared without a single word and had discontinued posting on his YouTube channel or any other social media. However, in Larray’s recent video, he revealed the reason for his absence and clarified the situation regarding his and Larray’s friendship.

Larray began by saying Twaimz had ghosted him, and he had tried to get in touch with his best friend for many months. Twaimz then explained why he had done so.

There can be many reasons why people ghost their best friends but for my reason, it was most definitely depression, comparing myself to you because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and you were just kind of like skyrocketing into this amazing, powerful, entertaining, iconic, talented superstar.

Twaimz also spoke about the rumors people had started about Larray disregarding him after he grew more popular. He called out the people saying they knew nothing and that it was him who didn’t pick up a call from Larray for six months.


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Now that the two have reconnected after months of time apart, both Twaimz and Larray have made posts about their bond. Twaimz posted several pictures and clips together with Larray and wrote in the caption, "thank u for saving me."

Larray also made a similar post on Instagram where he uploaded several goofy pictures of the two together and wrote, “never been more happy now that you’re back in my life brother 𐳘”