Isaac Martinez, age 23, is known for his appearance in the TLC show My 600-lb Life. He comes from a family of five, including his parents, sister Angelisa, and brother Angel. 

During his school days and in his sophomore year, he started gaining weight, and as a result, Martinez began to suffer. However, his weight gain wasn't considered normal because, at 16, Martinez weighed around 450 pounds.

Despite his immense passion for music, his incredible weight gain made it difficult for him to continue playing in his marching band and orchestra. 

Martinez was awarded a full scholarship for college. However, he discontinued his education after his mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer. He came back home, supposedly to take care of his mom at the expense of his education. 

Due to his ill-attentive nature, Martinez's scholarship was terminated, and he became a regular fixture at home. The consequence of all this resulted in him gaining more weight.

His lifestyle shift meant he wasn't socializing at all and would avoid phone calls and the use of social media. As per his mom, "the sparkle in his eyes were gone"

Martinez, who at one point was assumed to take care of his cancer-sick mom, needed help instead. His massive weight gain made it impossible for him to stand up for a long time. However, Martinez could still walk with the assistance of his family. 

Despite all this, Martinez was helping his family by cooking for them time and time again. 

Isaac Martinez's Weight Gain Turned into a Health Scare

His excessive weight gain resulted in him having breathing and mobility issues. In addition, according to Martinez himself, the hazard of him not being involved in activities like other kids meant he was spending all his time home "eating," which added to his ongoing problem. "My weight climbed over 600 pounds quickly," Martinez noted. 

It was no longer just an issue relating to gaining more weight. Instead, as Martinez explained, his condition has turned into a health scare. It was previously known that he had Lymphedema, but he later was diagnosed with cellulitis.  

The misery kept on sweeping Martinez and his family, as the boy was unconscious due to the use of antibiotics. He also suffered a cardiac arrest. 

This traumatizing event turned out to be a wake-up call for Martinez, who confessed that his eating habit on top of his ever-growing weight "started to kill me now." 

Martinez Did Not Change His Ways on 'My 600-lb Life'

Despite suffering a lot due to his condition and making realizations, Martinez did not change his ways. He lacked the motivation to get fit and couldn't stop eating. On the contrary, the Martinez household did not help their son's cause, as unhealthy eating became a norm despite health warnings. 

His doctor in Houston warned him and his family to start getting over the current situation and lose weight. His consulting doctor warned him of the risks and suggested Martinez follow a roadmap to recovery. 

During one online conversation with his doctor, the My 600-lb Life star gave excuses and said he couldn't make it to Houston every time, as he didn't have "anyone to drive" him to the doctor. He cited paying for a cab to be too much for his family if he came by himself. 

Later Martinez, who was supposed to lose 120 lbs in a couple of months, shockingly lost just 40. And one time, when he was asked to lose 100lbs over few months, he lost just 10. The doctor said it was down to the family's carelessness and excessive, unhealthy eating habits.  

What Is Martinez up to Now?

Sadly, we don't have any info regarding his current whereabouts. The last known public detail about Martinez was that he would get a weight loss surgery after completing his weight loss program. Additionally, he is not active on social media.