My 600 Lb Life star Zsalynn Whitworth’s story took a happy step towards her weight loss journey.

Whitworth’s story stood out in the show because of her husband Gareth’s support for her career as a fat fetish model. Gareth was reluctant regarding her weight loss, and he openly admitted that he preferred his wife at an unhealthy weight.

What Happened After The Show?

Whitworth shared with viewers that she had started to prioritize herself. She parted ways with her unsupportive husband, who wanted her to put her weight back on and encouraged her to indulge in unhealthy foods. 

Separating from her husband and choosing health over marriage was not the only burdensome step she had to take. Following and sticking to a new healthy diet and exercise plan was a struggle for a food addict like her. 

Struggle To Lose Weight 

Freedom from a toxic relationship, unfortunately, brought with it loneliness and depression. Adjusting to being alone was difficult for her.

She had to share custody of her daughter, Hannah, with Gareth, which meant she couldn’t see her for a while. So, being alone made it even harder for her to deal with cravings.

Not just that, despite dropping 316 lbs from the weight-loss surgery, she was still unhappy with her body because of excess skin.


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Whitworth found the motivation to adapt to healthy food habits when consultant doctors advised her to lose 20 lbs of weight to qualify for skin removal surgery. She managed to kick old habits, and the surgeons successfully removed 52lbs of excess skin from Zsalynn’s body.

The TV star shared that the surgery gave her the confidence boost to feel happy in herself. She sees a therapist to cope with her insecurities and to feel comfortable about herself.

A Life Of Love And Acceptance

Whitworth has found love in the form of her daughter Hannah and boyfriend, Jack Lapp.

She regularly posts photos of herself enjoying life to motivate viewers who are inspired by her journey.

Her fans appreciate her strength and determination with the utmost respect.


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Whitworth, who currently lives in Texas, shares photos on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

She also shares crafting videos made while supporting her high school-age daughter, Hannah. 

After all the struggle Whitworth has been through, the constraints of morbid obesity no longer shackle her. So, it is fair to say that the Zsalynn Whitworth 2021 experience is going well and hopefully will continue through to the future.

She is now living a wonderful family life with her daughter and boyfriend.