FX's surprise hit comedy series Dave is a more-than-semi-autobiographical show based on the 20s of American white-rapper Lil Dicky, real name David Andrew Burd.

In the drama, the musical artist portrays Dave Burd, comically depicting the high and lows of his life as a reputed rapper.

The show became an instant hit after its premiere on March 4, 2020. It returned for the second season on June 16, 2021, and gave insights into Burd's could-be real-life experiences.

Because of this, fans couldn't help but wonder if the comedian was gay after he sparked bromance with his co-star on the series. 


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Is Lil Dicky Gay? 

Dave's third episode, 'The Observer,' saw Burd filming intimate scenes with his long-time friend and co-star Benny Blanco. The twosome put some homoerotic performances on display as they showered together in their birthday suits. 

They hugged and painted each other's toenails, prompting other characters to question if they were gay.

Then, in a stark turn of events, the duo and the other cast discussed how white men had the privilege to indulge in bromance more freely than black men.

Is Lil Dicky Gay? Fans ask after 'Dave' season 2, episode 3

Is Lil Dicky Gay? Fans ask after 'Dave' season 2, episode 3 (Source: FX Networks/YouTube)

As Burd and Blanco's channeled on-point chemistry in the comedy, many viewers were assured that they weren't straight in real life. 

One Twitterati reacted to the episode and wrote, "Benny Blanco & Lil Dicky so gay for this scene." Another added, "Lil dicky is gay confirmed lol." A third Twitter user mentioned how Burd went full gay on season 2. 

While fans shared their opinion and poured their minds on the rapper's romantic inclination, Burd has never affirmed being gay. Instead, his relationship hints otherwise. 

Lil Dicky Is Dating a Prospect Wife

In an interview with GQ magazine on July 24, 2021, Burd revealed he was in a relationship. Though he didn't disclose the identity of his girlfriend, the Pennsylvania native hinted they were serious. 

The 33-year-old also expressed he was sincere about the future and wanted a wife. He would go on a date every week while he was single to find a deserving significant other.

I'm at the age where if I can't envision a real future then it's a total waste of time. 


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The budding new romance is the first for Burd after staying single for seven years.

Previously, he was in a serious relationship with a woman, but the duo parted ways as Burd prioritized his career. 

The 'Earth' creator even described his ex-girlfriend and their relationship in his song, 'Molly,' hinting he loved her even after the unfortunate breakup. 

The song detailed how he was in there at the wedding when his ex-girlfriend became someone else's wife and explored the sorrow of the experience. 

Interestingly, his followers believe that Ally, portrayed by Taylor Misiak, is based on his estranged girlfriend in the drama Dave

In the first season of the series, Ally and Dave broke up after Ally couldn't support his burgeoning career as a rapper. Well, we'll know for sure if Dave bears witness to Ally becoming someone else's wife in a later season.

'Dave' Season 3

When asked about a possible season 3 for the show, Lil Dicky responded to Deadline,

Look, I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m not even done with this finale we’re talking about. I’ve been handing in every single episode of the season at the deadline, like four days before it’s on TV.

The rapper further added that he had totally lost his sense of self, and he was working at a rate he never thought he was capable of. So, season 3 was the last thing on his mind at the time.

However, with the success of the show, it will come as no surprise if Netflix renews it for a season 3 soon.