Heidi D’Amelio, the mother of the TikTok sensations Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio, found herself in choppy waters after she took to social media to express her grievances against a mystery person. 

She openly berated a person without naming him in her now-deleted Instagram stories. She wrote that “Little Mr.” was self-centered and had zero awareness, accusing the person of trying to gain the internet’s attention by playing the victim. 

In the next story, she noted people thrived on playing the victim while others learned and matured from their relationships. 

The famous Tiktokers’ mother then added people were quick to forget how she was there for them.


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“Ok, back to me and my fam living life learning, growing, processing, being self-aware, owning our [expletive]. NOT! PLAYING! VICTIM! AT! EVERY! TURN! So lucky we keep each other in check. Some could never. Love you all.” wrote Heidi in her last story. 

Heidi D’Amelio Clarifies Her Posts Were Not for Chase Hudson

While Heidi did not reveal who she was referring to, fans assumed she was talking about her daughter Charli's former boyfriend, Chase Hudson, also known as Lil Huddy. 

“IDK why she’s so mad and getting involved. Charli and Chase are adults. It’s embarrassing that her mom is getting involved,” wrote one user in the comments section of Tea Talk’s post featuring the screenshot of her story. 

“She realizes she’s talking to a 20-year-old, right? Did he go on live and cry about the situation? No, he’s just living his best life,” commented another user. 

But before people could speculate more, Heidi took to Instagram story on July 22, 2022 to clarify that people had misunderstood her social media musings.

Heidi D'Amelio clarifying her post was misunderstood by fans who thought was for Chase Hudson

Heidi D'Amelio clarifying her post was misunderstood by fans who thought it was for Chase Hudson. (Source: Instagram)

The reality star admitted she made a mistake and learned a lesson when she posted the negativity online. She then clarified it wasn't about Hudson at all. 

We talk abt not posting negativity, and it came right back to bite me in the ass because people thought it was about someone it wasn’t. it was small town stuff and has nothing to do with outside stuff.

The reality star explained she had been feeling emotional and caught up when she posted, and now that the moment was over, she didn’t feel the way she expressed herself in the social media posts.

She added she regretted her actions and would no longer be posting negativity. 

Chase Hudson Unfollows the D’Amelios

Hudson recently unfollowed Charli and her new boyfriend, Landon Barker, after they confirmed they were dating


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Barker and Hudson had been friends and based on the mutual unfollow, fans guessed Hudson was not impressed with his friend dating his ex-girlfriend. 

The ‘American Sweetheart’ singer also unfollowed Heidi and her husband, Marc D’Amelio, on Instagram. 

Fans opined the singer did that because he wanted a clean break from his former girlfriend. They also speculated that Heidi and her husband we more involved with Charli’s new relationship, which Hudson did not approve of. 

And then, right before Heidi let out her frustrations, Hudson had tweeted, “You got everybody fooled. I got you figured out. 7/29.”

Fans speculated the singer was teasing his new music release, but some thought he was referring to his ex and former friend.