It looks like British actress Hannah Waddingham and her longtime partner Gianluca Cugnetto have gone their separate ways. 

Game of Thrones fans may recognize her as Septa Unella, the Nun who walked behind Cersei Lannister during her naked march through King’s Landing, ringing a bell and yelling “shame” repeatedly. 

During her recent appearance on Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast, she talked about her iconic GOT scene and juggling her career as a single mum. The two talked about how, as working single mothers, it would be perfect if they did not have to sacrifice their careers for parenting. 

The actress recounted how once when her daughter was sick, she could not make it home immediately to be there for her daughter because she was at Belfast for Krypton’s shooting.

From her confession, it seems like Waddingham was already a single mother when she filmed Krypton, which premiered in 2018. 

This probably means that Waddingham broke it off with her partner a few years back. She even shared that she had once sacrificed her career “for a bloke” and added that she thought it was best that “person,” most probably Cugnetto, left her life. However, nothing has been confirmed. 

Hannah Waddingham’s Partner

Although Waddingham is single now, she was with Cugnetto for over a decade, and many actually thought he was her husband. However, they are not married. 

There is not much information about Cugnetto, but his LinkedIn profile does provide insight into what he does for a living. He graduated from Cornell University in New York and became a business manager and hotelier.  

In 2007, he was the Director of Food and Beverage for Starwood Hotels & Resorts and worked there for three years. Then, in November 2010, he took up the same position at Antara Hotels in Bangkok. And in 2015, he took up the role of General Manager at UK-based Hotel du Vin, a chain of luxury and boutique hotels. 

The ex-couple were very private and refrained from sharing too many pictures of themselves. However, Cugnetto expressed his love and admiration for Waddingham and her accomplishments and shared articles that praised her on his Facebook profile. 

The duo has a daughter they welcomed in 2014, but conceiving her was difficult. 

Hannah Waddingham’s Difficult Pregnancy

Before welcoming their daughter, the couple had difficulty conceiving her, and Waddingham spoke all about it during an interview with Lorraine Kelly when she announced she was having a baby.

The actress shared her joy of becoming a mother after overcoming fertility issues. She revealed doctors had warned she had a little chance of conceiving, but she beat the odds. 

I just feel massively privileged and blessed. It’s taken my breath.

She added she did not mind sharing her difficulties because many women went through it and that becoming pregnant and a mother suddenly felt more important than any other job she ever had.