Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Hannah Brown is the only daughter of her parents, Robert Walker Brown and Susanne Brown.

Her parents raised her in Tuscaloosa and nearby Northport, Alabama, alongside her younger brother, Patrick Brown.

And while the size of Hannah's family is small, the Brown family shares a close relationship and are often seen supporting one another via various platforms.

Hannah Brown's Parents Backed Her from a Young Age

It would not be wrong to state that Hannah's family is her biggest cheerleader.

That is because the 27-year-old — now a television personality and former beauty pageant titleholder — was offered support by her family members when she competed in pageants as a little girl.


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Her parents and brother even applauded her when she was crowned Miss Alabama USA 2018 and stood by her side as she competed in Miss USA.

In one instance, the diva also credited them for helping her get through anxiety and depression. She specifically stated that her dad and mom offered her the encouragement she needed to get back out on the stage.

Parents Expressing Endless Love for Hannah Brown

During her stay in the dating reality show The Bachelorette in 2019, Hannah's mother slammed another contestant Luke Parker for the comments he made to her daughter.

"In the bag!!! You would not have made it pass me you are a [expletive]!!" she wrote on Instagram.

However, Susanne later deleted her publicly shared post after her daughter asked her to delete it while also saying she loved her.


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On the other hand, the reality TV star's father showed his love for his daughter by posing in front of the TV screen. Meanwhile, his daughter was throwing rose petals behind him.

"My daughter, Hannah Brown, the Bachelorette," he said in the video posted on Hannah's mother's Instagram.

He also spoke with Tuscaloosa News in January 2018 and expressed how proud he was of his daughter after she was crowned Miss Alabama.

He stated her self-confidence and inner strength led her to make a name in the beauty pageant world.

Hannah Brown Thanked Her Parents for Everything

In July 2019, Hannah took to Instagram to thank her father and mother for their support when she was on The Bachelorette.

She first stated that her family, or the families of other contestants for that matter, didn't sign up for all the drama and controversies the show delivered.

But at the same time, their love and support during the time meant so much to her and her fellow co-stars.

Hannah Brown takes a selfie with her parents and brother.

Hannah Brown takes a selfie with her parents and brother. (Photo: Instagram)

"But thank you to the people who loved us first, and continue to support us on this journey of love, heart break, and life lessons!" she stated.

Hannah then revealed that she had been spending time with them at home since the show ended, sharing a series of family snaps.

She added, "I've been home for a bit recently and it feels really good to be with my people who have been with me through. it. all."

The love and support have continued throughout, and one can see it with a glance into the diva's social media posts.