Gunna and Chloe Bailey's dating rumors have been going around for more than a couple of months as of this writing.

In all honesty, the musical duo had left quite the breadcrumb trail for the fans and press to follow. They'd been seen doing everything from flirting on Instagram to supposedly engaging in a PDA-filled shopping spree in LA.

Understandably, the evidence lined up perfectly for fans who instantly began shipping the two off as couples in Valentine's week 2022.

Are Gunna & Chlor Bailey Dating?

Back in September 2021, the songstress had taken the stage on the MTV Video Music Awards and later posted a picture of herself licking the mic during her performance. 


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She'd explained that she didn't even know that she'd licked the mic until she saw a recorded version of her performance.

Shortly after she'd posted that photo along with a bunch of others over a single post, Gunna shared the photo onto his Instagram stories with a cheeky caption: "It’s the [tongue emoji] for me." (via Complex)

Bailey didn't respond to the comment at the time. 

Still, eagle-eyed fans were watching. 

Come February 2022, The Shade Room got their hands on a series of video clips that caught the rapper helping Bailey out of a limousine before walking into a store with her hand in his. 

As per Hollywood Life, this shopping trip was documented in West Hollywood on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. 

The duo was repeatedly questioned if the two of them were dating, but they did not dignify the questions with an answer. Instead, they just smiled. 

The subsequent clip saw the duo holding onto one another, hugging, and what appeared to be kissing inside the store. This didn't really aid in letting the dating rumors die down still. 

Gunna Put up a Video from Chloe Bailey's Home on Valentine's

More recently, The Neighborhood Talk Instagram page came forth with a video post that the rapper had put up for a short while before taking it down. 

As per the page's caption, the video was from Bailey's apartment, and it was decorated for Valentine's Day — pink and white balloons on the floor, red and white roses on every surface, even the ceiling was packed with red and pink balloons with ribbons for tails. 

Now the fans were outright sold on the relationship. 

That being said, both the rapper and his alleged girlfriend have been explicitly questioned if they were dating. 

Both Gunna & Chloe Bailey Deny Dating

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, Gunna insisted that Bailey was really just a "close friend" with whom he had shot a song with.

At the same time, he shot down rumors about him and Bailey being related. 

"Definately not my cousin," he said. 


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Around the same time, Bailey shot down the rumors via an Instagram Live Q&A session.

Since then, just today in fact, Gunna and Bailey released the music video for their track 'You & Me,' which actually flipped the PDA shopping spree incident on its head.

Turns out, they were just shooting for the music video. 

That being said, neither Gunna nor Bailey have said anything for or against their alleged relationship in the public sphere, making it especially hard to gauge where they stand.