Geraldine Viswanathan is making herself seen and heard, clearer than ever, through her spectacular performance in Miracle Workers, starring alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi.

Viswanathan is a prolific actress with over 20 acting credits, here are some facts you might want to know about her. 

Geraldine Viswanathan Belongs to a Mixed Ethnicity

Born on June 20, 1995, in New Lambton Heights, Australia, Viswanathan belongs to mixed ethnicity, thanks to her parents' origin.

Her father, Suresh Viswanathan, is from India, whereas her actress mother, Anja Raith, is from Switzerland, making her half-Indian and half-swiss.

 Sharing the same pedigree with her is her younger sister Indira. 

She Is a Self-Described Horse Girl

From a very young age, the uprising actress had an affinity with animals, more precisely, horses. She spent her childhood playing and tending to horses. 

In an interview with W Magazine in July 2020, the self-described horse girl shared how she came out of the womb loving horses. She would find happiness just by telling people she loved the fillies.

Viswanathan's favorite horse was a 1988 born white mare named Mickey. She even labeled it as the great love of her life in an Instagram post dated May 21, 2019. Sadly, the horse passed away in January 2021 at 32. 

Viswanathan Dropped Out of Journalism School

Vishwanathan was into arts from a young age, attending a performing arts school right from kindergarten. She followed her passion and went to drama classes. 

In a stark turn of events, the 26-year-old found journalism interesting.

So following her instinct, Vishwanathan applied to study journalism at university. However, her short-termed interest subdued, and she dropped out after two months. 

She graduated from the Hunter School of The Performing Arts. 

She Loves Comedy and Standups

Vishwanathan has undoubtedly pocketed prominent roles since her 2018 breakthrough in Blockers. She landed lead characters in Miracle Workers, Bad Education, and The Broken Hearts Gallery.

In the anthology series Miracle Workers, she portrayed new characters every season.

For the first installment, she embodied Eliza. She played Alexandra Shitshoveler for the second.

And in the third, she performed as Prudence Aberdeen, helping Daniel Radcliffe's character lead an epic journey. 

While her differing characters encapsulate her acting prowess and versatility, Vishwanathan considers comedy as her base.

She is interested in performing standup and has plans to produce comedy sketches when free from her acting projects.

"I do miss live comedy and writing with other people," she told W Magazine.

Viswanathan's Relationship with Miles Robbins

Viswanathan started dating her Blockers co-star Miles Robbins in 2018. They starred as Kayla Mannes and Connor Aldrich in the film and successfully carried their on-screen chemistry over to real life. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, the Miracle Workers actress stayed at her boyfriend's house around July 2020.

She shared the home with Robbins and his famous actress mother, Susan Sarandon. 

She even gushed about the love and comfortability she received from her partner's family in the aforementioned interview. 

Viswanathan expressed how nice it was to have space other than her apartment and go to. 

But since the interview, the pair has strictly kept their relationship off the radar, posting no pictures of one another on their socials.