Apart from his work on television shows and movies, American actor Gerald McRaney is known for his married relationship with actress and author Delta Burke. 

Before their coming together, McRaney was enjoying his immense success with the hit television show Simon & Simon, and Burke, at the same time, was making a name for herself through Designing Women. This American sitcom is now considered to be career-defining for the retired actress. But is Gerald McRaney still married to Delta Burke?

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Is Gerald McRaney Still Married to Wife Delta Burke?

Actor McRaney's married life with actress Burke spans over three decades after initially exchanging his vows on May 28, 1989. 

The married couple is still together and living a joyous life. But, interestingly, their journey as a pair started when actor McRaney showed eagerness to rope his current wife into a long-committed relationship.

The This Is Us actor was quick to propose actress Burke during their second date. Since then, the two have always been together. 

In 2017 when McRaney and Burke were present at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony, the actor explained to People how the committed nature of the couple's initial relationship was strong enough to establish a long-term attachment between the two.

The actor also talked about how he wasn't going to "let her get away" after realizing the competition at hand for the beautiful actress.

Having met Burke on the detective series Simon & Simon in 1987, McRaney married the actress after dating her for two years. In the said TV show, Burke was seen making a cameo in one of the episodes.

In a lengthy conversation with the tabloid, actor McRaney cleared how marrying an actress like Burke was the best choice. As per McRaney, people engaged in the same profession understand the insanity of the work and the hectic nature of the shooting schedules.

McRaney's marriage with charming actress Burke is his third, having been married twice before her. The Deadwood actor was married to Beverly Root in 1966 and has two kids, daughter Jessica and son Angus, from his first marriage. 

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McRaney's first child Jessica was born in 1967, while in 1971, his only son Angus was born.  

The Longmire actor's marriage with Root saw closure in 1971 after the two decided to get divorced. However, after ten years, McRaney married again, this time with Hollywood casting director Pat Moran.

Unfortunately, his married life with Moran resulted in a divorce in 1989. The Dr. K actor shares daughter Kate McRaney with his second wife.

Who Is Gerald McRaney's Wife Delta Burke? 

Television actress Burke saw her rise to the limelight with the famous show Designing Women in 1985. In the hit show, she was seen in the role of Suzanne Sugarbaker alongside actress Dixie Carter.  

With the popularity of the show, Burke started getting known by her character's name. Since her breakthrough, Burke is known for her work in many TV shows and movies.

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The now-retired actress was raised by a single mother in Orlando, Florida. Her mom was later married to realtor Frederick Burke, and that is how she got her last name. However, the whereabouts of her biological father is not known in public.

Burke attended Colonial Highschool in her native Orlando and won a talent scholarship from Miss America Organization during her school years, which allowed her to attend a two-year program at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. 

As mentioned by the Herald Weekly, Burke is also a former teen pageant, winner of Miss Florida in 1974, and has worked as an assistant to famous stage magician Herbert L. Becker.