Gavin Leatherwood and Luke Cook set the internet on fire with their "post-coital" picture, and fans are loving the drama. 

On May 27, 2020, Leatherwood shared a selfie of himself and Cook in bed and shirtless. Many assumed the two to be gay. 

The handsome hunks were practically glowing, but that was beside the issue. Instead, what made headlines were the captions! 

It read, 

Just to make it abundantly clear... @lukecoook and I are and have been dating for over a year now. Here’s a pic the morning after a night of vigorous love making.

Fans React

As one might expect, Twitter absolutely lost it. Fans immediately took to their action stations with hilarious creations. 

One fan wrote, "I mean...he's been inside you for a whole [shrugging woman emoji]."

Another chimed, "Honestly, based on both your tweets I have a strange feeling this relationship is definitely one sided." 

Well, listing all of them out would probably be impossible. are our best picks. 

i always knew — ninguém segura a fanfiqueira°°° | ☔ (@___agoodgirl___) May 27, 2020

New ship 🔓 unlocked — Gavin Leatherwood Mexico (@GavinMexico) May 27, 2020

I got two best friends and they’re boyfriends 🗣 — . (@midgeIenny) May 27, 2020

when he proposed <3 — lola (@odairhee) May 27, 2020

i watch sabrina because of the plot

the plot: — vinicius•sra.grey💫🌹 (@yang_reysz) May 27, 2020

Your plans 2020 — lola (@odairhee) May 27, 2020

So, Is Gavin Leatherwood Gay?

Twitter was Twitter, but what really pushed everyone over the edge was Cook's response.

Keeping the humor alive, Leatherwood's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina costar took to Instagram to clear out the rumors. 

Cook uploaded the same picture that Leatherwood had uploaded, only this version came with a different caption. 

These rumors are getting OUT OF HAND! Someone photoshopped me into this post-coital picture of @gavinleatherwood and @samcorlett me and Gavin are NOT dating! ughhh [rolling eyes emoji]

On a more serious note, these social media volleys were coming from playfully humorous castmates and not gay lovers. How do you know for sure?

Glad you asked! 

Cook is not gay and is a married man—married with a wife, mind you!

The man who plays the Devil on CAOS is married to Australian stylist Kara Wilson, and the two even have a son together. 

Luke Cook Has a Wife and a Son

While not much is known about when and how they met, the couple did share the news of their engagement with their fans.


A post shared by Kara Cook (@karacookstyle)

In December 2019, during the holidays, Cook asked his long-time girlfriend to marry him and...spoiler alert! She said yes!

Neither Cook nor his fianceé officially came out with the news of their wedding.

Then again, they have been dropping subtle hints here and there on social media, suggesting that they have already exchanged vows. 

For instance, a couple of months after their engagement, Wilson routinely started referring to Cook as her husband, leading everyone to believe that they had a private wedding.

Gavin Leatherwood's Dating Rumors

As for Leatherwood, though, things aren't that simple.

While he has been the epicenter of quite a few dating rumors over the years, nothing serious has panned out thus far. 

He was rumored to be dating Brittney Rippeon sometime in late 2019, and around the same time, he was supposedly dating CAOS costar, Kiernan Shipka. 

Ironically, the first rumor sparked because Rippeon posted a shirtless picture of Leatherwood, and the second one started because Leatherwood posted a supposed confession of love on his Instagram.