In 2015, Forrest Galante and Jessica Evans married each other in a rather bizarre fashion. Galante and his wife took a trip to the Bahamas as they opted for an out-of-the-box wedding in an exotic location.

Galante is a successful television personality and conservationist known for his TV show Extinct or Alive, which aired on Animal Planet between June 10, 2018, and December 18, 2019.

However, despite his rocketing career, his net worth remains unknown.   

Forrest Galante's Marriage with Wife Jessica Evans

The couple chose to be close to nature for their wedding. They exchanged vows on Stocking Island in the Bahamas, along with their family and friends. In the unusual marriage ceremony, traditional wedding dresses were nowhere to be seen.

In one of the photos, the couple was seen in the ocean while a stingray sat between the two. In other pictures, the newlyweds were seen accompanied by exotic-looking aquatic bovines, otherwise known as swimming pigs.

The five-day wedding ceremony saw the couple make the best use of their time in the Bahamas. In other pictures, the husband and wife were spotted with other creatures like iguanas and sharks.

The pictures that emerged after their marriage ceremony suggested that none of their guests were in proper wedding attire either. Instead, the lot was seen wearing bikinis and other swimsuits. 

After their wedding, the pair had plans to go on an adventurous honeymoon. Firstly, they wished to spend a month driving through Canada and later travel across South America. 

The thrill-seeking couple then intended to dive in the crystal clear water of the Pantanal in search of caimans and also look for giant trouts in the highlands of Argentina.

They also had intentions to canoe in the Amazon River while on the lookout for river dolphins.  

What Was Their Idea Behind Unusual Marriage Ceremony? 

Per Daily Mail, Galante, talking about his marriage with his wife Evans, categorized his wedding day to be "a magical day of fun in the sun." 

He further classified the couple's idea to host their wedding in such a fashion as a great chance to have a big party with friends and family, doing the things they love the most. 

Evans also shared her version of the fun, calling her wedding day to be a magical day filled with joy, laughter, tears, and an overwhelming sense of love. She further added, 

It was an incredibly special occasion surrounded by our closest friends and family in a beautiful, unique, tropical destination.

As per Evans, the event was a "truly memorable experience."

Forest Galante's Wildlife Filled Valentine's Day 

The adventure lover is known for his Valentine's day celebrations. For four successive years, between 2017 to 2020, Galante shared pictures of himself with wild animals. 

In his 2017 post, he was seen with his wife in the company of swimming pigs at an exotic location.

He followed up his Valentine's day post the following year with an image of himself with a giant turtle.

Galante was yet again seen with a turtle the following year. Then, in another February 14 post, the animal lover and conservationist wrote a lengthy caption calling the shelled animal to be his date.

In his last year's Valentine's day post, Galante was seen alongside popular podcast host Joe Rogan. In the picture, Galante and Rogan were spotted with a black wolf laid between the two.