Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. is arguably the greatest boxer of all time. 

He has never been defeated in any of his bouts and retired with a career record of 50-0.

But while Floyd has been lucky in the ring, the same cannot be said about his love life. 

Floyd has dated many women since the start of his career, but he never made anyone his wife. However, he has three children, Koraun, Zion, and Jirah, whom he shared with his late former girlfriend, Josie Harris. 

He is also father to Iyanna and his adopted son Devion Cromwell.

Mayweather and Harris had a tumultuous relationship between 1995 and 2010.

Floyd Mayweather Sentenced for Abuse

In 2014, Harris opened up about her life with the boxing champion with USA Today

The mother of three shared that she and Mayweather rarely met up, but it was an arrangement she was happy with.

Harris and the children lived 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles while Mayweather lived at his property with his then-girlfriend Shantel Jackson. 

Harris iterated that she was physically abused on six occasions, but the worst one happened in September 2010. 

Harris and Mayweather were no longer together at the time, but the boxer was unhappy when he found out Harris was seeing someone else.

On that night, Harris had returned home at 2.30 A.M and found Mayweather talking to their sons. 

Harris had called the police without Mayweather's knowledge and the two argued before the police arrived and asked the boxer to leave.

But a few hours later, Mayweather returned, and this time he brought his associate, James McNair. 

Their son Koraun let them in at Mayweather's insistence. Once inside, the fighter punched and kicked her and said he would kill her and the man she was dating.

Harris noted that she would have probably not lived to see another day had it not been Koraun who got help from security. 

Mayweather escaped before the police arrived, but he was sentenced to 90 days in prison.

Despite all the court documents, to this day, Mayweather has never publicly acknowledged his actions and claims they are all allegations. 

Floyd Mayweather's Tribute to Josie Harris

Unfortunately, on March 10, 2020, Harris was found dead in a car outside of her California home, and according to reports, she died of an accidental overdose. 

The boxer paid tribute as he shared a series of throwback photos of the pair on his Instagram feed.

In the caption, he called her "my rock," "my friend," "my angel" and "my love." A little over a month after the tragic loss, Mayweather opened up in an Instagram video

Mayweather had also lost his uncle and boxing legend, Roger Mayweather. He referred to Harris as a significant other, "a great woman, a great person," while calling his uncle "great trainer, an uncle, a father figure."

BeforeHarris' passing, she and Mayweather were embattled in a $20 million lawsuit after the boxer claimed he used domestic violence against her in 2010 because Harris was on drugs.