Floyd Mayweather's daughter Iyanna Mayweather was arrested in Houston in April 2020 for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim of the alleged crime was Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, who was at NBA YoungBoy's house at the time.


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TMZ reported that the accused came to the rapper's residence on the night of the incident and claimed that she was the rapper's fiancee before asking Jacobs to leave the house. 

In response, Jacobs asked Iyanna to leave, and the argument began. The argument then moved to the kitchen. One thing led to another, and Iyanna was standing across the kitchen floor holding two knives. 

The outlet's sources claimed that Jacobs stepped toward Iyanna, who was apparently blinded by rage. With one of her knives, Iyanna charged at Jacobs.

In a later statement, Jacobs confessed that she did not feel the first knife. However, things were different the second time she got stabbed. 

By the time that the EMTs had arrived, Jacobs was on the floor. According to law enforcement officials, Iyanna had stabbed Jacobs multiple times in the bicep. 


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Thankfully, she was taken to the hospital in a stable condition, and the wound was not fatal. Still, treating those lacerations required surgery. 

The rapper was also cuffed for a while when the authorities arrived, but he was shortly released. 

Iyanna Claimed Jacobs Started It

In Iyanna's statement to the authorities, she claimed that it was Jacobs who initiated the physical conflict by pulling her hair outside the house and running into the kitchen. 

The former boxer's daughter also said that she had never met Jacobs before that incident. 

A couple of days after the incident, the authorities issued Iyanna's mugshot, which found its way into Twitter in no time. 

A twitterati responded by saying that she should have hunkered down and stayed home in self-quarantine instead of confronting Jacobs at YoungBoy's residence. 

Twitterati Held Floyd Responsible

Few on Twitter held Iyanna's father, Floyd, partially responsible for her behavior because he too had an alleged history of domestic violence. 

Floyd was accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend, the late Josie Harris, in 2010. Allegedly, the former boxer threw her off the couch by her hair and struck her in her head, face, and arms. 

The report further detailed that their kids had witnessed the horrific incident. That being said, the report does not confirm if Iyanna was one of the witnesses. 

The father of four was sentenced to 90 days in jail following the domestic violence charge to which he pled guilty. 

Meanwhile, the anticipated boxing showdown is just round the corners with Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul for an exhibition match on Showtime PPV. The two will meet in the center of the ring live from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, in a match simply termed as bragging rights. The contest will feature 8 three-minute rounds.

There are rumors taking the rounds that Floyd is ignoring his daughter completely after the arrest. He hasn’t really acknowledged her on his social media lately while his other children have been filling his feeds. 

Released on Bail

As for Iyanna's altercation, she could have been sentenced to up to a 99-year-long sentence for the charges that she was facing. But that was unlikely, considering that she had no priors. 

She is yet to be taken to trial. For the time being, though, she was released from jail on a thirty thousand dollar bond as per online records.