The original member of Terror Squad, Cuban Link, blasted Fat Joe for possibly being a snitch through multiple Instagram posts on August 25, 2021. 

He based the allegations on the paperwork that veteran radio personality, Star, exposed on his YouTube channel the same day.

As per the disclosed report, Joe, also known as Joey Crack, allegedly teamed up with police authorities and revealed the names of those involved in a murder. 

Despite publicizing the alleged report that featured Joe's government name, Star and Link mentioned they weren't sure of its authenticity.

Throwing a dig at the Bronx rapper, Link stated people might finally understand why he couldn't get along with the "animal," and then remarked, "Let’s wait for the authenticity of this here paperwork."

Just a day after Link reignited his ever-lasting beef with Joe, the 51-year-old offered his clarifications to his followers. 

Fat Joe's Response to the Allegations

On August 27, Joe went live on Instagram to address the snitching allegations and the controversial paperwork. "Joey Crack the Don has never been a rat in his life," the 'Lean Back' rapper stressed at the beginning of the video. 

Joe elaborated he had never dropped the name of any person in his life, stating he would kill himself before he told on somebody. 

The rap legend also clarified how he was on another level in his life. He recounted how his successful friends in the hip-hop industry asked him not to respond to those haters. They reminded him he was more significant than those lies. 

But he, apparently, needed to defend himself and clear up the file's authenticity that was causing an unnecessary uproar. 


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In the 59 minute-clip, Joe asserted that the alleged government paper was the most fabricated, false paperwork he had ever seen in the history of humankind.

Referring to the paper as disgusting, the Latino superstar mentioned that the other people listed on the report were genuine people serving time in prison. He asserted he didn't know any of them.

You never heard Fat Joe ever talk. Those guys on that paper, I never met them, they don’t know me.

After clarifying the story from his side, Joe expressed he would be upset with anyone who considered the possibility of the paper being legitimate. 

Cuban Link Backed Down on the Case 

Moments after Joe cleared his name, Link admitted he was wrong about Joe being a snitch. He confessed the beef was childish and stated the report was fake.


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As per his accounts, Link researched the accusations only to find a dead end. However, he was happy Joe stood for himself, and he didn't go along with the fake papers. 

The Havana native noted Star as the report source and exposed that the radio commentator was mad because he was considered the cause of the whole accusing ordeal.

Moreover, the 46-year-old blamed Star for breaking the story, stating the video where he first displayed the paperwork was still on his channel.