Former Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams and businessman Simon Guobadia announced their engagement in May. 

The reality star appeared on Watch What Happens Live and opened up to host Andy Cohen about her fiancé and how they first met.

The host iterated that according to Williams, Guobadia slid into her DMs and asked her if it was before she met him at Falynn Pinna’s “hot tub and hook up party” last season. 

Williams confirmed the DMs happened after the divorce and shared that she comforted the businessman who was going through a divorce with his wife, Pinna.

She also mentioned that Pinna was expecting another child at the time. 

Towards the end of the video, when discussing what she thought about people accusing her of stealing Guobadia from Pinna, she explained they were all adults making their own decisions and congratulated Pinna for the birth of her baby. 

This clip of Williams talking about Pinna’s child was then conveyed to Pinna by an interviewer who has been accused of exaggerating the truth. 

Falynn Pinna Reacts to Porsha Williams’ Comment about Her Child

During Pinna’s interview, the interviewer told her that Williams talked about her child, “baby Emma” although that was not the case, evidenced by the video of Williams’ appearance. 

Pinna calmly warned Williams never to repeat her actions. She explained she did not want Williams to talk about her child.

She then said that even though she had been nothing but civil with Williams, she would not hesitate to come for Williams. 


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Pinna also explained that Williams or anybody could talk about whatever they wanted about her because of the industry they were in. But she was drawing the line at her kids.

A lion does not acknowledge a sheep. So don’t mention my child ever. 

On November 26, Pinna and fiancé Jaylan Banks welcomed their first child together, Emma Sang, Pina’s baby girl. In August, the pair announced they were expecting in a YouTube video.

The reality star also shared that Banks was an amazing father figure to the boys.

Pinna has three sons whom she shares with Guobadia. 

Falynn Pinna and Porsha Williams Relationship

Before Williams “swooped in and stole” Pinna’s husband, like most fans of the reality series believe, the duo were reportedly friends

During season 13 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Pinna had invited Williams and her friends over for a pool party at her house.

In the confessionals, Williams revealed that before going over to Guobadia and Pinna’s house, she and Pinna exchanged numbers, and Pinna even invited her over. 

But a month after the season finale aired, Williams and Guobadia went public with their relationship.

“I know it’s fast, but we are living life each day to its fullest. I choose happiness every morning and every night. Tuning out all negative energy and only focusing on positive wishes,” said Williams. 

She also clarified that she and Pinna were no longer friends, and ever since she and Guobadia got engaged, the couple had no communication with Pinna.